Asian girl

There was this asian girl sitting next to me in the bus going to work today. She was talking on the phone and I couldn’t understand a word  from her language, but I somehow decided that she was talking to you. What is the possibility – you just one of many asian guys in the other end of the world, to have a connection with exactly this asian girl sitting next to me at this end of the world? I guess the chance is one in a million, if not zero. What made me go into that conclusion?

Her smile looked like life is full of beauty, like the voice from the other side of the telephone wire was not just talking to her, but letting her see the fresh smell of the rain, letting her feel the breeze of spring. Exactly like this was my smile when I first met you, when I could feel the flames in your words. Her voice so low but confident, exactly like my voice when I knew for sure I was reaching out to your limits of the eyeless passion you had for me. Her breathing, exactly like mine when you were telling me all these stories of us being somewhere… on the beach, in the mountain, in a room under the ground or just at home, anywhere but together. Even the way she was sitting, so elegantly fitting in her skin, her body one with the chair, exactly like I was feeling everytime I’d close my eyes and see myself in your arms.

Maybe I’m just overreacting, still trying to swallow down the fact you’re not around anymore? Maybe I was not completely awake this early in the morning and Ms. Imagination was playing tricks with my senses? But maybe right now there is a man near you, speaking Greek on the phone and you wonder if on the other end of the line is me making him so happy? Maybe I will never know …

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