It’s Wednesday, my favorite day of the week! Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope you all have less tensed week than mine! Being back to work after a week away, right now I feel that I need vacation after the vacation! I love going away, I love seeing new places, but when I come back the first days are … ruthlessly hard, fierce!

I wanted tonight to have a post about post cards, about collections and hobbies, but did I have the time to sit and write it? Absolutely not! The last few days have been running, running and running again. Hectic mornings, quick showers, almost warm coffee in one hand, jacket and umbrella in the other and my feet on the curves of time. Behind me two arrows, one small and one big, metal and unpleasantly cold, pushing me, saying :” Come on! Hurry up! You’re late!” And I obey, half asleep, half awake, not able to react, I just listen and obey! Living in a free world and not having any freedom, captured in the prison of time! Tangled in seconds, minutes, hours … and 24 of them are not enough, I need at least 48 these days.

I sat earlier on a bench next to the bus-stop, happy that and this day is gone and I get to go home, thinking of my dark blue arm-chair and the quietness in my flat, dreaming of sitting and doing nothing, dreaming of the time still and everything else around with it. No movements, no sounds, no phones to answer or buses to chase, no effort to apply… just me and my inside peace, having a moment of sweetness, having a minute without to think. Wishful thinking …

“Time” by RedSheep Photography


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