A Moment of Weakness …

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul.”
― Pablo Neruda

 * * * * *

To J.


I need to feel that you are real,
you exist.
I want to face your mahogany eyes,
slow agony.
I desire to see you undress me,
to see me glow.
Breaths past trembling,
turning kisses into shadowless sounds.
I demand to know that
you can pull me in close.
I wish I could be able
to run to you.
I crave to shiver
listening to your heart.
And chase the wrinkles
in your smile,
even if it’s wrong,
I want skies in flamingo flames.

And that’s how it will be.
The nights filled
with waves,
passion and more waves,
will glitter together
with the falling on the marble
shirt buttons.
And the ghosts that
create time and distance,
they will asphyxiate
in the lonely blood of
their dark minds,
and I will run into you,
with eyes, hazel- like,
from the candle lights,
with summer on my skin,
with iridescent lips,
with fierce,
drunk with stars love,
to cover us both.

… only in my deep sleep.


© 2013  Broken Sparkles




I wanted a storm tonight, a wild one,
with thunders and lightnings,
with heavy rain and brutal wind.

I needed the sound of the hurricane
to blunt the sound of my running heart
when I heard you knocking on my door,
when the bell woke up my abandoned confidence.

I needed the electric sparks lighting the sky,
to hide the glow of triumph in my eyes,
when I saw you coming to me with hope,
with million questions about tomorrow.

I wanted the noise of the raindrops to mix with
the noise of my melting, fragile self-defense,
when the perfection of your face met the look of my eyes.

And the shiver down my spine, the tremble through my skin,
I needed you to think it’s because of the cold  air,
not because of your lips touching my lips with finest kiss.

I wanted to hide my weakness about you for a while,
to stand independent and confident for another moment,
before your charm conquered me, before your hands took my hands
and your voice asked me to follow you in the maze of love.


"Mallabula Storm" by Robert Vine


© 2011  Broken Sparkles