The smile of a moon and some green eyes

The smile of a moon and some green eyes

I stared at the moon last night,
her full, silver smile
tickling the shy sky
and I thought,
she must’ve seen you,
walking along Arroyo Seco
or camping,
by Lake Tear of the Clouds;

Your eyes
in green and sparkles,
locking virgins and darkness
in flames, fierce,
and those lips,
musings for the skin;
your hands,
binding sunsets and memories
of a past in oblivion.

Seasons have changed, twice,
from the blooming sour cherries
to the summer rain,
from the lush grapes in vineyards
to the window crystals
carving winter life,
I’ve lost the count on
nonsense and lonely nights,
on loves dying without
honesty and candle lights,
but I still remember
the shade of green in your eyes.

* * * * *

To Alex …

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© 2012  Broken Sparkles