The last day dreaming about love …

Remember the moments
with your heart drifting,
mornings in fairyland,
nights in fool’s paradise,
craving for one of his smiles,
capturing a sight of empty eyes.

Look back and recall the hours
with burning the skin desires,
ridiculous romance,
absurd daydreaming,
begging for the touch of his hands,
tasting a scent of impossibility.

Reminisce and acknowledge
the lonely sunsets colored in hope,
the wasted ink on unanswered sweet words.
Bring back every thought
you wished on a shooting star,
when not a single angel could hear.

Remember one last time,
honor your broken sparkles,
because with the first ray of silver light,
this blind faith in love, in “happilly ever after”,
comes to an end, turns into an antiquity,
scribbles from a trivial history book.


"Broken heart" - unknown source

© 2011  Broken Sparkles