Eventide given away

Te extraño

Every eventide of
humid grasp with you,
was locked with
the amaranth satin
on the king size bed
and I gave it away to
the poor guy looking
for blanket on the street.

Every solemn oath
penetrating the silence
after the flight in April,
echoed in barbarian Latin,
harassing the treaty of peace
and I borrowed it to
the scout without speech
for his first victory in a battle.

Every “te amo”
written with lipstick
on the silk of my back
was burning the surface
of my sensuous portrait
and I shared it with
the bubbles in the bath,
ready to forget your glance.

Every blissful tear
after an illusion with you
was knitted in the steps
of our dance at night,
killing every sad twilight
and I donated that too,
to the ballerina in “Swan lake”,
she needed extra sparkles.

And now, counting the sullen
remains of your presence, it’s been
more than an hour that
I listen to “Noviembre sin ti”
and I wonder, why nobody
told me how perilous
one simple song can be …


Te extraño – I miss you

Te amo – I love you

Noviembre sin ti – November without you

Inspired by “Noviembre sin ti”- Reik


"Don't miss you at all" by don Paolo on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles



God on the arena

I’m only a slave in the crowd of the arena,
another mortal creature watching you fight.

I follow the shadow of dead on your skin,
the anger upon your divine face,
the sword creeping in a dangerous dance,
but I won’t let a tear out,
like every scared soul on the tribune.

God on the arena,
I will have faith in you when the blood rains on the sand,
when the blades kill with glowing spikes.
I won’t close my eyes in prayer
when the sun reflects on your shield.

I will rise to greet the final combat,
knowing you will come a victor and
I will be the one to offer you a honey wine,
a kiss that will erase the trace of blood,
the wounds from knives and enemies.


"Spartacus" by ladarkfemme on deviantart.com


© 2011  Broken Sparkles