Summer Segue

“Summer Segue” is a co- write with Corina from Dragon’s Dreams, which I think is right on time because summer here is now gone. I completely enjoyed collaborating with Corina, thank you dear friend for the fun shared! And you, lovely readers, enjoy the poem! I am back from my little trip, expect my visits soon! Love & Peace …

* * * * *

Summer Segue

When the leaves change their dresses for the Fall Masquerade,
to glide through the cool, blue Autumn air,
the last essence of bellflowers, the final breath of a sea tide,
disappear under the bullet-like drops of sapphire rain.

Summer sighs, in its languid, lover’s way,
preparing for a bed of waving, golden fields.
Picnic blankets, children’s giggles in the park fall under a spell,
logs and glares in the fire place, in every living room there is a piano that plays.

Apple boughs hang heavy, ready for the cider press,
while squirrels skitter to and from, frantically gathering shadow-tailed treasures.
A symphony that carries crisp dewy mornings,
honors the colors of stories hidden in the landscape.

Soon, we will shiver in shorts and sandals,
As jackets and sweaters gain fashion’s favor.
It’s time to save the last bubbles of blazing solstice
and welcome the dance of the crops in the meadows.

* * * * *

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"Summer fades away" by Lizzie Belle


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