Special day

Special Day

Words, sigh of understanding, a little late
and lost in the traffic of feverish sensation,
knocked on the door of my heart. Confused and
unsure, because of the unexpected visit
in the so unusual hour, I carefully explored
the letters one by one and decided to let them in.

It’s hard, but I confess, hope for the day
when our story will begin is here again.
This time the Universe is with us.
Can you hear the whisper of the spell?
Can you see winter in its coat?
And summer building a bridge between me and you?

This day I will become yours and only,
without fear, engaging in lavender’s forever,
for our hearts to finally live together.
And if before we played games,
chasing unattainable wilderness,
now peace will rule within.

Like on the end of every ball with masks
when people reveal their faces,
on the end of this day, we will lay open our bodies
and let them become one with an unspoken appeal,
let them feel love, no jealousy and selfishness.

This day I will know, I shouldn’t seek an escape,
I will stand and face all sunrises and sunsets.
But until then, you keep safe the love you feel for me
and I will bond with every single fairy, from every
fairytale existing, to make that day as special as it can be …


“Ball masks” by SevenDeadlySins Inc. on DeviantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles