Sofia is the capital of my country Bulgaria and it’s the largest city there. Lots of history is behind the name of the town starting with the Celtic tribe Serdi, then ruled by Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great, conquered by the Romans, which made the city one of the first where Christianity was officially recognized as a religion. After that became part of the first Bulgarian Empire, but number of unsuccessful sieges turned Sofia into Byzantine territory, to be seized by the Ottoman Empire later on, until the Russians freed us  … Wars, innocent lives lost, invasions, terror … all of them have marked the streets of Sofia and the thoughts of the citizens, generation after generation the memories of the difficult times probably have faded away, but there are still the stories read in school to remind us of what our nation have been through!

Today Sofia is a modern town, or at least trying to be modern enough and people living there are trying to keep up with this modern style of life. I personally don’t like Sofia as a town very much, every time I go there I feel inside my stomach a nervous ball jumping up and down, I feel something in the air is making me rather uncomfortable. But the last time I was in Bulgaria and I spent a day in Sofia, I discovered a new place called lake Ariana. Right in the middle of the town, a little lake surrounded with trees and greenery! Almost perfection!

I don’t know why, how come I liked it this time? Walking around and taking deep breaths to inhale the atmosphere, I still wonder why !?! Was it the company of my friend I had coffee with? Was it the fact that everyone was at work and there were no grumpy and unhappy people to look at us? Was it the autumn weather a bit chilly for me, with the sun shining in cold colors and hiding the imperfectness of the gray roads and buildings? I don’t know what was it, but I like to share with you the beauty of this place in a picture!

“Lake Ariana” by Blaga Todorova


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