In the silence

In the silence

I wake up and I look
in the distance again,
the skies have inhaled
your trails and the indigo
scent I desire, it aches.

Paper smile is all I have,
ambrosial eyes inviting me,
dauntless my heart is, but only
an illusion is streaming with
the wind that comes so near.

From all the places I’ve been,
in the land of dreams about you,
I found the most angelic shimmer.
The red juice in my veins,
blazing just for a word from you.

In the silence I build castles,
your face dwells with me,
the taste of a whimsical kiss,
the hint of hands in hands
and a whisper, just a whisper from you.


To all silent inspirations …

Mood – Stateless- Bloodstream song.

“The sound of silence” by Christina on


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