Seasons winners

Seasons winners

The plan for the very last post of the challenge was to select a winner for each season, but after I’ve read them all again it seemed really difficult to choose only one post. And then Victoria from liv2write2day had a Monday Morning Writing Prompt–Random Creativity where we had to open the dictionary to random pages and choose words about ten times or oftener and to construct a poem or short piece of prose and the idea came to me. I chose lines of your posts and here is my Thank you poem to all of you that took part in the challenge and shared with me time and thoughts!

Four seasons and a bit more

In a challenge we engaged
our minds and strength.
Into the light of Spring
blossoms were dancing
to the tune of change.
Feast for our senses,
the sun has returned.
Desires in flowers duet,
we celebrated youth
with free breaths,
to the moment when nature
will be awake again.

In a summer bliss
childhood memories touched
the darling buds of May.
Sultry, lighting sparks
and chaos within our hearts,
we dreamed of shimmering
jasmine scent.
The touch of the wind on pears,
the kiss under summer rain,
gave us love and passion
with sea taste.

We made a wish for forever Autumn,
we hoped to find a land East of Eden
while the leaves kept falling,
accepting the inevitability
of this lonely season.
Sweeter than a butterfly,
the memories of Midnight in Paris,
honored the red and gold colors
of a splendid sunrise.
Fresh beginnings to forget
the Waltz of death before we too,
find ourselves lost in a sad music.

Quietly pirouetting in on
silvery-toed slippers of snow
Winter came on the wings of eagles.
Like a frozen rose and a February song
the stars whispered Christmas tales
in the Midnight blue to hide
the shadow of a smile,
the cry of a lonely wolf.
And the warmth seemed so distant
but we still appreciated winter,
for it was and it will be
the spring of genius.

And the beginning marked the end,
where many thoughts were shared.
Still we rise to the sound of
tree songs and soulful freedom,
treasuring the love for words and wisdom.

* * * * *

Thank you Jamie, Cherlyn, Corina, Victoria, Eclipse, Mish, Leo, Jingle, Nimue, Melanie.

"Four Seasons" courtesy


© 2011  Broken Sparkles