“Sapphire light” in The Book Times

I’ve been away from a real writing and poetry activities for some time now, let me say, I was in the middle of a war between inspiration and hope, despite the new poems posted on my blog. There was a bit of tiredness and sadness after the winter and then a bit of a muse- less time, and after that the shock of a robbery and the madness in the country I live in; all together- a pretty good mixture for a cocktail that  lacks motivation. It wasn’t a state that bothered me, but it wasn’t a happy place either.

And you know how we all have one of those days when we wake up and skip a step on the way out of bed? When the ignorance we hold over the sunrise slips on the floor and nothing is hurt apart from the ego and the way- too- long asleep consciousness? Then we all realize we can’t turn back time and catch all the moments we’ve missed, but we can count that time as a lesson and move on to see what’s behind the twilight of the evening ahead.

Last week I had one of those mornings. In a metaphor, I was on my way to Acropolis, and I ended up in front of the Great Wall of China, only to discover that there is a very little left to admire because of the sandstorms none of us can control.  A lot of thinking and wandering was involved that day, but on the end, I found The Book Times – an online, fiction newspaper, thanks to my friend Martin Lauchner.

Today I am happy to share with you that my story “Sapphire light” was published in The Book Times. I would like to thank Martin for recommending the site and I would like to thank Bethany Kent/ Editor in Chief of The Book Times/ who edited and approved my story! And if you all have a little time, you can read “Sapphire light” HERE. 

Love& Peace …


“Sapphire sea” by Blaga Todorova


© 2012  Broken Sparkles


Dreaming in French …

Parisian dreams

It’s only a dream, just a candy,
almost a promise of togetherness,
but it will be real, soon.
Like beats racing inside raindrops,
Spring will come and I will fly to
the town of all couples in love.

My eyes even closed will meet
your smile, the miles melting.
” Hola bella” – I will hear you say
and will let you hug me so tight that
the Armani cologne you wear
will blend with the scent of my heart.

Your hands- my shelter at night,
will be ready to take me
somewhere safe, somewhere with
no worries and dismay.
A small hotel on a quiet street,
a view that will make us feel at home.

Coffee shop. Two cups of cappuccino –
one sweet and one bitter.
A walk to the tower of our dreams-
yours and mine same dream.
Lips, a mesmerizing kiss,
after endless and painful days away.

A whisper and your voice deep,
untold words from before,
pictures for the Christofle silver frames,
kept for the best moments in my life and
your “I love you”, I will remember even
after the expire date of “forever” comes …


“Romance in Paris” by NoamC on DeviantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles