Journey on the road ahead

Journey on the road ahead

Behind the curtains of immortality
angels cry for the time gone,
for the moments left in albums alone.

I wear bruises looking back at mornings
with electric lilac and summer snow, agonizing
over lost triumph and lust, burning moonstones.

Living alone in legends of whispers,
sealing the shadows of serpents in envelopes,
a vow to the bright sun is silently dedicated.

The imperfection of yesterday I will ignore
to immerse into the light of secret mist,
as long as I have a journey on the road ahead


“The road ahead” by Blaga Todorova


© 2012  Broken Sparkles




How swiftly the suitcase absconds the dust
How elegantly the clothes escape the cupboard
Flip-flops and a map, boldly the zip stabs the air

How edgy the twilight before dawn appears
How unfairly distant the airport seems
Images and a feverish mind, horizons await

How laden with sparkles the heart pounds
How strikingly sublime the moment flares
Craving a trip, riveting a vacation, I travel today

 * * * * *

And I’m not going on vacation, in case you wonder :) …

The only traveling I’ll be doing for the next couple of months is in my dreams.

"Airport at night" by Eike /le-trou-noir/ on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles