When light meets darkness

In the blogging world we meet new people every day. Some come by to leave a beautiful thought and don’t repeat the visit, others stay and share part of our hearts. Each of them we appreciate and relate to an experience. Recently I found a poetry blog called  “Inside the Mind of A Lunatic”, the name of the author – DeadPoet/ Sonam Mandal/. My first thought – “What’s with all the darkness here?”. Despite the darkness in the words I really liked every sentence, every breath engraved in the posts. The quote “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” – Charles A. Beard it’s the perfect description about  “Inside the Mind of A Lunatic”.  Comparing Sonam’s poetry to my writing/ mostly with a hint of a romance/, I wondered what will happen if light meets darkness, if romance collides with shadows? Will they manage to survive in one common land? It was most exciting to work together with her. Thank you Sonam!

Light and darkness

Let her relish the charm of angels,
As the Devil tries to snare her in his trap.
Make her surrender to the colors of rainbows,
While twilight seeps in through the cracks.

Water shining in the violet of astral eyes,
Shadows dancing behind the sparkle of her smile.
Souls growing kindness, hands swaying softness,
There lies the sound of emptiness in her laugh.

The bells of purple dawn shifting towards one new day,
Will she bow down to the darkness of the night?
Will she side with lights and knights?
Alas, we shall never know the secrets of a lonely heart.


"Garden of Eden" by Sonam Mandal


© 2010  Broken Sparkles