Blurry Egypt


There are blurs from nights with orange glitter,
sapphires and curtains keeping Sinai silent.
Jasmine in the air, absorbing silk and desires,
delicacy matching faint dreams of obelisks and you.

There are words from language I barely know,
whispers lost in shadows, symbols crowned with sand.
Leftovers from khamaseen modeling the curls of my hair,
on the wings of tears, your voice keeps me alight.

There are cravings with no scruples, waves
leading to Sharm El-Sheikh, our minds insane.
Right now, not a moment later, the smell
of faraway oceans crashing into sweaty skin.

There is a scream drowned in your arms,
a sigh in the shape of curves. Are we still there?
Two tired bodies avoiding the time to go,
two spirits living in the blurs of that night.


Sinai- desert.

Khamaseen- Egyptian winds.

Sharm El- Sheikh- city in Egypt along the coast of Red sea.

"Lust" by Sinking silence on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles