Shiny escape

The bus leaves every half hour,
three blocks down the road from home.
With eyes – unconditionally shining,
with mind – altruistically dancing,
I lean my head on the window
following the pavement out of Athens.

Before I manage to finish a daydream,
the sea shows, emeralds under the skies,
waves engaged in a game with the wind.
In dazzling red the ferryboat gasps, vigorously,
under the weight of passengers and vehicles,
the time flies, the distance melts, we reach Evia.

Over winter’s break or summer’s weekend,
the harmony is constantly there,
inviting, murmuring, offering a relief,
an escape from heartaches and grief.
I have all that I need – a white chair and a book,
a thousand splendid suns and his kiss.

* * * * *

This is my poem for Victoria’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt

The theme this week – A day of refreshment


Evia, Greece by Blaga Todorova


 © 2011  Broken Sparkles