I could see the smile hiding on your face.
I could hear the sigh ready to abandon your lips.
I could feel the urge to say the words out loud.
I know you want to declare, to mark, to announce, I know.

But shush!

Don’t tell anyone I let you hold my hand.
Don’t reveal the secret of the temptation we shared.
Don’t display our vulnerable hearts in the bright sunshine.
Don’t, not yet.

Just shush!

Hold the heaven we found for you and I,
let us taste it before the eyes open and see the gray.
Keep the comfort, the hunger that we fed with beauty,
let us breathe it, before the outside world stains it with
ordinariness, with poison of the everyday routine.

Shush, you have to!

Tell me some more stories about magic,
be my “always” even for a bit, even just for today.
Tomorrow we can tell the world about us,
but now please just “Shush” and listen to the music that plays,
every time you come near to share a kiss.


“Shush” by Melissa Alicia

© 2010  Broken Sparkles