The heart-collector by Kavita Rao

India has been in my thoughts for the past couple of years, the urge and the desire to be able to visit her and to see with my own eyes, all the places I’ve read about is something that hunts me every time I have a quiet time enough to let my dreams control me. Mumbai is the city I would like to see first. I often search the net for videos or articles to learn more about this enchanting place, but whatever the story or the pictures, it will never be the same experience as the actual, face to face meeting with the charming lady Mumbai. My very good friend, Kavita Rao, had a poem posted about her home town Mumbai on her blog How I write, is mine…How you read, is yours, and I absolutely loved it, longing even more to “Drown in her sweltering heat”, to add my heart gladly to the collection of her admirers. Here are Kavita’s thoughts and poem, enjoy!

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Kavita -**Mumbai, Bombay, call her what you may, she will always remain what she has always been – a mystic lover, a heart stealer, a soul quencher! For a person (like me) born and raised in her arms, there exists no better place on this fabulous planet (other than NYC perhaps)! This poem is my heart’s snapshot at how I felt about her when I lived there, how I felt about her on my most recent trip there, how I feel about her now, and how I will always feel about her! They say good things are better shared… So here I am, sharing a little bit of my Bombay with all of you… **


“Marine Drive- Mumbai” by Kavita Rao

The heart-collector

  by Kavita Rao

With her translucent veins
invariably spilling commuting sighs
With her Arabian waves
magically forming a quixotic mist
With her thumping heart
thrusting life into her slender body
With her sultry skin
attracting a rush of excited nerves
With her monsoon scent
injecting doses of moist earth
She stands there
– poised –
Eyes inviting
Arms outstretched
Smile bewitching

And all one can do is
to her incomparable charm
in her sweltering heat
before her yielding embrace
While only hoping to chant
the syllables of her tuneful name


Diamonds and dreams

Diamonds and dreams

Diamonds and dreams in the eyes thirsty,
miles away lies what I look for.
My soul is handful of dust,
but still I wish to cross the Getaway.

Majesty in the sunshine of my day,
distant monsoons I see in every poem.
My heart lives in ruptured illusions,
but still I wish to walk on Marine Drive.

Will I ever reach the borders
of the Arabian sea?
Will I ever visit “the city
where changes happen overnight”?


The Getaway – attraction in Mumbai, India

Marine Drive– area in Mumbai/also known as the Queen’s necklace/

“the city where changes happen overnight” – a line from the poem “Mumbai” by Fahim Sayed on


"Li'l boats at Gateway" by Kavita Rao


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