Few stars, one moon, love, faith, you and I


Words again, flowing inside my head with the speed of light, again, restless. Sometimes I want to write it all down, but I don’t manage, because it’s way too much, the words come and go so fast. I’m sitting out on the balcony, in this unusually warm night and the traffic of thoughts is not letting me sleep, again. The sky, my faithful company, hugging me with thick darkness, the stars lighting my questions, tons of questions and I wonder how much will take me to count them all? The questions and the stars …

Lately I’ve been thinking of astrology cards. Do you know that these cards can show what’s in the future? Not so much as a definite prediction, more like possibilities to happen. Friend of mine does that, exploring astrology and its mysteries. She says: “If we grab the right opportunity, at the right time and place and the stars are on our side, we can succeed, if we learn the language of the planets, they can affect us in a good way”.

And as I think now, there is some logic in it. At night, when we try to free our minds and relax, when the sounds of the day are gone and quietness rules, maybe then the stars and planets can see clearly what events, what happenings are ahead of us. I am almost sure that the day I was born, Venus was right on top of the hospital where my mum gave a birth. How else I can explain the hopeless romance I carry with me all the time?

As I am sure, Venus was there too when I first met you, together with the Moon … that’s why my love for you is so deep, my emotions so strong, so … uh, so everything. Or why I, person of words, go absolutely speechless every time I have you near me? Probably because Mercury-the little, funny planet of communication, hides as soon as you and I get together, to enjoy the disappearance of my thoughts.

I wish Jupiter came to me earlier, to warn me how difficult it will be to love you, to keep you all mine, how much temptation, distance and time will interfere, when you go back across the ocean. I wish Saturn taught me how to face the excitement of each moment spent with you, how to remain calm when I miss you.

Maybe if I stay out here long enough and wait for the world to fall asleep, maybe then one of those bright little twinkles up there, will finally speak to me and tell me that I shouldn’t worry, that you and I will be not only today, but until the end of everything?

Or maybe I should forget about the stars, about the full moon and just go inside to snuggle next to you and let you kiss me “goodnight”, because I know when you do, no planet will make me doubt that you love me here and now …


Image by RedSheep Photography


© 2011  Broken Sparkles