In your arms

In your arms

Seeing woes and dismay,
the sky turned his look to the ground
and surly and gloomy, shouted
to the dancing clouds: ” Disappear! “

The air froze still and only couple of branches
shivered, expecting the cold to destroy them,
to overthrow them with dampness,
with stickiness and filth.

The light blue became unpleasant gray and
the stars scared, decided to escape.
The roar of thunder, the snap of light, the wet stain
after one drop of rain, you hear: ” Be afraid! “

But I’m not, not tonight. I feel how the wind blows,
right through stone walls. I see water pouring down,
I hear the ghastly noise bringing together earth and sky.
In your arms though, everything is faraway and I am safe …

Image by Blaga Todorova


© 2010  Broken Sparkles