Thank You, I’m Not Interested…

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“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. “
~Germaine Greer

The poem in this post came spontaneously, unexpectedly and for that I’d like to thank Sam for the inspiration!

Visit Sam’s blog Cerca Trova, it is worth your time!


Thank You, I’m Not Interested …

by Samer El Abed and Blaga Todorova


The Blind leads the Blind,
echoes and shadows collide.

The Ignorant leads the Ignorant,
innocence lapses with time.

The Criminal preaches Justice,
bullets color the indigo sky.

The Hater lectures love,
hearts blossom only when it’s dark.

The Holy man leads the Mob,
faith is no longer part of the world clock.

If that’s your gift of Freedom,
inhaling with agony drops of liberty.

If that’s your gift of Democracy,
caging the last breath of hope.

If that’s your gift of Justice,
replacing the light of values with shame.

If that’s your gift of Life,
marching over thoughts and reasons.

Thank you, I’m not interested …

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