I do

I do

I believe it will be a day in the middle of May,
the rain from the night before will clear the air,
the past, the mistakes made once upon a time.
The sun will rise up to wish me “good morning”,
the light blue curtains will open a promise
of life with love and understanding.

Room full of giggling girls and Sprite, embracing
part of my unknown, yet beautiful beginning.
The sparkling shoes placed on my single bed,
the white, satin dress with lace-up ribbon closure
and astral designed straps, the flowers in my hands,
red roses, with the bloom of youth and romance.

Sitting on the old- fashioned arm- chair,
busy bees putting my curls in order and
hiding innocence and pearls in between.
My closed eyes ready for the make- up,
the flutter of the eye-lashes under mascara,
and the impatience : ” Are we ready to go?

The pride and the happiness in my parents hug,
seeing me pretty and grown, but still their baby-girl,
the reflection in the mirror, the approval : “Yes, perfect!”
Something old to keep the bond with my family,
something new to endure a forever of sacred feelings,
something borrowed to remind me, I’m not alone in this.

Something blue to keep the faith in the purity of the day,
and a silver sixpence in my shoe, I will have it all,
walking down the aisle with my father only half way.
The girls, dressed in red, opening the way to him,
standing to the altar, looking at me, expecting me.
Few steps to the “always” I’ve been dreaming about.

The words of the priest, the sip of red wine,
the tear in the corner of my eye, the hope and
the long awaited “I do”, followed by a kiss,
I believe it will all be in a day in the middle of May,
some May soon …

Inspired by “girls only” conversations.

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