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Everything happens for a reason, so they say. People are brought together for a reason and others are driven apart. An error on the printed map might take you to the wrong street, only to provoke your patience, but then you realize, lost on that street you’ve found the bookstore you’ve searched for so long. Five minutes late for the bus and you curse the driver and the luck you’ve got, but as you sit down on the pavement, waiting for the next ride to come, you never know who might sit next to you and smile at you ’till the end of all days. Every action has a reaction.

I didn’t miss the bus and I didn’t go to the wrong, one-way street with dead-end, I just fell in love with the wrong person, or better said, I myself chose to be blind and naive because of few “violent delights” that I always knew will have “violent ends”, even before the beginning. But haven’t we all been there? The sleepless nights with questions of sort “Why?”, the little investigations that took me to the “ugly truth” were after all happening for a reason.

The end of last year I started writing poetry, trying to prove wrong, people who “give bad name to love” and in all this, in between the words written and the inspirations,  I discovered RedSheep Photography and Guj Tungpalan. All girls and women dream, have dreamed at least once about weddings, about being a bride, walking down the aisle in a white, enchanting gown. Me too, many times, not only because I’m a girl, but because I’m a Dreamer. I might enjoy Stephen King’s books and vampires in the movies, but still I imagine the perfect white dress and the perfect man /silly me :)/.


Guj’s pictures inspired me to write “I do”, posting it here and choosing an image to go with the poem was very hard, because all of them images are amazing, that’s why I included in “I do” more than one. Looking at the gallery with art on RedSheep Photography‘s site, you see how beauty is not something trapped in a perfect shapes and lines, beauty is hidden in the special light, the specific angle that makes you love not only the picture but and the people captured there.

Some pictures look full with patience, some have suspense that makes you desire for more than what’s on the paper, to see the actual photo session, in order to verify the smile and the look of the people in front of the camera. Guj and RedSheep team respect the symbols of the wedding and I myself as one that respects them too, am very happy to have met/ though only online/ Mr.Tungapalan, I feel very honored to have him as a guest in my blog. I managed to take a bit of his precious time and to ask him few questions, here is what he says:

"I do"

Why photography? What made you love the photography?

Before I become a photographer, I was a graphic designer. Back then I only had a point-and-shoot camera and I needed a better one to take photos that I can use for my posters and other designs. During a vacation trip to Japan in 2006, I bought a camera and I instantly fell in love. (It was a Canon 400D and compared to my old Sony Digicam, image quality was far better.) I find photography very rewarding. It’s because I make other people happy with the talent that God gave me. I feel that this is part of my life’s purpose.

When did you start taking pictures?

First it was a travel photography 2006, in Tokyo, Japan, during a vacation. I was still working at HP when I went into people photography, covering team outings, parties and official team portraits.

Few words about your team, who is working with you and how each role of the people in the equip makes it a team work, RedSheep team?

The original members were part of an office bible study that I used to lead. Now the roster is quite different, with people who used to be our online contacts are now shooting with us. Each of us has a specific skills, personal taste and this adds to our team mixed creative palette.


Why did you choose wedding/engagement photography, what do you want to be shown with your work?

It’s challenging! In fashion photography you have conventionally good-looking people. Wedding photography dares you to bring out the internal beauty brought by the once in a lifetime moment, unlike studio photography, there are no second takes, it’s real, emotional and very intimate. For weddings we capture emotions that you can’t repeat or choreograph. For engagement shoots, it’s natural, comfy looking portraits that accurately depict the individual personalities of the couples.

Is it easy to make people comfortable in front of the camera?

It depends. I’ve seen a wide spectrum of personalities from the brides and grooms. Some are shy, some are natural (just like professional models) and others in between. During portrait shoots we just make a conversation with the clients as we shoot – so they won’t notice that we’re already taking photos of them ;-).


How did you come up with the name Red Sheep?

I wanted something different, not my name or not any photography-related cliché, but something that points people to God in a “non-religious” way. Red = Jesus blood, sheep = us, the members of the team, always depending on the Good Shepherd. It’s quite graphic, but RedSheep is a sheep covered in Jesus’ blood. We’re nothing without God. It’s not about our skills or individual talent. God is our great enabler. And RedSheep is quite catchy – people can’t help but ask, why RedSheep? Just a name inspired by Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cow”.

Idols in photography? And what would you say to all people supporting you?

Filipino Wedding Photographers: Nelwin Uy, J. Lucas Reyes, Metrophoto and MangoRed. Internationally: Jose Villa (US), Axioo (Indonesia) and  StillMotion (Canada)- although they’re known for video.  I’m still in the hobbyist mode and I can’t believe that my dream to be a professional photographer is coming true. I’ d like to thank everyone supporting me and my photography. My wife, my parents, my team, and people who always visit my blog (like you! :) )


This was Guj Tungpalan and RedSheep team, who I will most definitely want as a photographer on my wedding/ when it comes /, so Guj you can get your suitcases ready to travel to Greece and until then, I will keep enjoying your albums of grace and love. You, my dear readers should do it too, here http://redsheepphotocinema.com/. Thank you Guj, for everything!

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RedSheep Photography.


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Evanescence of this summer

Evanescence of this summer

It’s a dream the evanescence of this summer,
I refuse to let go off the sky, so perfectly clear.
Blue silence engraves on a lost shadow,walking
on some lonely beach, bones wrapped in suntanned skin.

I glimpse the lights around, the whispers across the sea,
ready for the morning chill to teach me,
how to survive the dead of summer,
how to welcome the snow, tasting like grated cotton.

I look at the waves, but not for long,
I don’t like the “plain” order and “must” rules.
My eyes would rather battle with the twilight,
keeping the warmth left on the long road of shining.

Day and night will become one,
the rain on the streets will reveal the elixir-cure
for the chaos coming in my heart,
because this great season has to finish.

I store every sign, reminding me that
after all you were here,
that I met you, had you, loved you,
even only moments before the end.

I keep my new passion away
from unreasonable fears and I will feel alive
until the next summer decides to appear,
thinking of the last kiss, followed by one salty tear.


“Blue sunrise” by Blaga Todorova


© 2010  Broken Sparkles


I love you life …

I love you life …

Forgive me life for I’ve abandoned you,
for I’ve left you behind and placed you
in the bottom drawer of my desk.

I walked on streets so dark and
I let the dirt on the way to happiness
to poison me, to kill me slowly.

I let the past to become my present
and forgot about the million juicy signs
about future with promises and glow.

I on purpose dipped in grief and pain,
because of the unfulfilled love I felt,
instead of staring at the stars, at beauty.

I’ve played “hide and seek” for so long,
trying to escape unavoidable roads,
when I could’ve freely fly to new adventures.

I myself chose to stay in a lonely place,
where very little joy has ever been and it will be,
instead of grabbing the first train to freedom

and finding how the best part of everything is
the smell of fresh coffee in the morning
and the color of a white rose that blossoms.

But today life, I woke up newly born.
I will now learn to walk, talk and grow
and this time I will practice to reach perfect.

I will experience everything for a first time.
I will love and dream with a whole new concept,
keeping only the moments when I smile.

I might fall, I might hurt, I might make mistakes,
but I will never set a foot in the land of misery
and self-torture that I just left.

But most of all I will remain grateful for any passion
my heart felt and will feel, because life I truly, crazy
love you and I am now going to live you.


Image by RedSheep Photography

© 2010  Broken Sparkles