Rain again

It’s raining out, again, wet and sticky rain. I don’t like it, all I want to do is stay at home near the heater and do nothing, talk to no one, see nobody. Maybe just him, but he is so faraway that I don’t believe he can come just in time to save me from the sadness I feel right now, to come just in time before the million drops of rain to touch the ground.

I really wish he was here, then maybe I won’t think about all the reasons why I don’t like the rain at night, why rain doesn’t really look like rain when I’m alone. Sometimes it looks like people saying goodbye to each other, one of them is crying, but who could notice it, if the tears are mixed with the cold drops?

Other times it looks like a child sitting near the window with his bothered face, wanting to go out and play “hide and seek” with his friends, but with the storm outside who is the mom to let him out?

Once it looked like a car driving fast on a small, slippery, wet road somewhere up in the mountain, it looked like an accident and no one there to help. And most of the times it looks like a man who has lost his house in an earthquake,
staying out there covered with blanket, but how much that blanket can protect the man if  it’s soaking wet and unpleasant from the rain?

This is what rain makes me think of, sad songs and unhappy things possible to happen. But when he is here everything is different. His calm voice talking to me is always louder than the drops that fall so fast and make everything wet. With him I don’t hear the rain, I don’t even notice that outside is cold.

With him the rain it’s like a nice movie we watch on the couch, cuddled in each others arms. It’s like a kiss under the hot water in the shower. It’s like a peaceful weekend away from everything, a calm living in a world with no pain.

With him rain it’s like a love and a dream that came true.


Image by Hannah Schooler on ursula-snoot.deviantart.com


© 2010 Broken Sparkles