What if … ?


What if …?

What if the flow of unpredictable words you adore
and wait with impatience to hear,
because it comes with the language of my heart,
with the alphabet of my existence,
what if this continuous flow one day stops
and I have no more beautiful things to tell you,
no more stories of miracles to share with you?

Will you go to the first bookstore and replace my fairy tales
with a novel randomly chosen from the first bookshelf you saw?
Or will you try to find new inspiration to touch my lips with,
so I could speak to you again?

What if the brilliance, the enigma in my eyes
that you always wonder how to explain,
because it comes from a world of mystery,
from a land not mentioned in any geographic maps,
what if this secret of my look one day is gone
and I have no more potential to see you as someone special,
no more effort left to look at you with love?

Will you forget the color of my eyes and discover
new eyes to look at, in the crowd of people ahead of you?
Or will you make me see the different, non-existing side of you
and make me love you even more because of it?

What if the temptation that comes out of my body
and you put on pedestal with a triumph, ignoring our weak powers,
glorifying the first time you owned me,
what if this allurement, together with my body,
one day turns into ashes and I have no more feelings to offer,
not even a single act of care?

Will you accept the dry lust from a woman-stranger you will
accidentally meet in a bar, drunk, because you no longer have me?
Or will you read all scientific books to learn new ways to wake up
the volcano of hidden passion, buried deep inside of my body?

What if my heart that is the center of our lives,
both, mine and yours, because is connected to your heart
like a mom and a baby with an umbilical cord,
what if this heart one day choose to take a different path
and I have no more stability to comfort you with,
no more hopes and dreams to go after?

Will you stop hoping and dreaming too and take the road
to nowhere so you could forget about the memories of me?
Or will you collect in a silver jar
two drops of rain, piece of sunshine and a snowflake
and give them to an African magician to create
a new heart I can love you with again?

What if in just one day what we thought is good for us
suddenly appears not to be?
Will you surrender and accept the waste of tune with silence,
like many others did?
Or will you still stand by me and climb mountains, swim oceans,
make the impossible possible to bring it all back ?


“What if …?” by Blaga Todorova


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


Special day

Special Day

Words, sigh of understanding, a little late
and lost in the traffic of feverish sensation,
knocked on the door of my heart. Confused and
unsure, because of the unexpected visit
in the so unusual hour, I carefully explored
the letters one by one and decided to let them in.

It’s hard, but I confess, hope for the day
when our story will begin is here again.
This time the Universe is with us.
Can you hear the whisper of the spell?
Can you see winter in its coat?
And summer building a bridge between me and you?

This day I will become yours and only,
without fear, engaging in lavender’s forever,
for our hearts to finally live together.
And if before we played games,
chasing unattainable wilderness,
now peace will rule within.

Like on the end of every ball with masks
when people reveal their faces,
on the end of this day, we will lay open our bodies
and let them become one with an unspoken appeal,
let them feel love, no jealousy and selfishness.

This day I will know, I shouldn’t seek an escape,
I will stand and face all sunrises and sunsets.
But until then, you keep safe the love you feel for me
and I will bond with every single fairy, from every
fairytale existing, to make that day as special as it can be …


“Ball masks” by SevenDeadlySins Inc. on DeviantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles