For one endless pleasure
that leads to a passion night,
for one golden touch
that makes you kiss me so innocent,
let you and me together
get lost in paradise.

At one place of peace
and lights in blue around,
at one place for us
and sound of voices with charm,
let we ignore the morning
and breathe the night.

After one word of love,
fulfilled with meaning so sweet,
after one act of lust,
defined by silky skin,
let me dream in my sleep
and let you guard this dream in our paradise.


“Paradise” by Angel Kirilov


© 2010  Broken Sparkles

I love you life …

I love you life …

Forgive me life for I’ve abandoned you,
for I’ve left you behind and placed you
in the bottom drawer of my desk.

I walked on streets so dark and
I let the dirt on the way to happiness
to poison me, to kill me slowly.

I let the past to become my present
and forgot about the million juicy signs
about future with promises and glow.

I on purpose dipped in grief and pain,
because of the unfulfilled love I felt,
instead of staring at the stars, at beauty.

I’ve played “hide and seek” for so long,
trying to escape unavoidable roads,
when I could’ve freely fly to new adventures.

I myself chose to stay in a lonely place,
where very little joy has ever been and it will be,
instead of grabbing the first train to freedom

and finding how the best part of everything is
the smell of fresh coffee in the morning
and the color of a white rose that blossoms.

But today life, I woke up newly born.
I will now learn to walk, talk and grow
and this time I will practice to reach perfect.

I will experience everything for a first time.
I will love and dream with a whole new concept,
keeping only the moments when I smile.

I might fall, I might hurt, I might make mistakes,
but I will never set a foot in the land of misery
and self-torture that I just left.

But most of all I will remain grateful for any passion
my heart felt and will feel, because life I truly, crazy
love you and I am now going to live you.


Image by RedSheep Photography

© 2010  Broken Sparkles




One by one
the chains will fall down,
the metal rings of torture
will break and all objects,
creatures, feelings connecting me
to this place will follow with a loud crash.

They will slowly disappear,
will eventually dash to pieces,
to notice once I wake up,
there is nothing left to make me stay.
Yesterday was the smile of the sun,
today is the beach with stones,
tomorrow will be nothing,
just the dreams of new horizons.

People change and I have changed too.
Rain doesn’t look like a sad picture
of a crying cloud anymore,
but like drops feeding my skin with life.
The boundary between
the earth I step on right now
and the sky I look at every night
it doesn’t satisfy my thirst,
I wish I could be some place else.

Love is not beautiful anymore,
being his prisoner is not tempting,
now freedom is all that I pray for.
I long to drive on a long road,
with the volume of the radio to the end,
my hair flying with the wind,
my heartbeat chasing the wheels.

I imagine walking on streets
I haven’t been to yet,
I look to read stories
I haven’t heard about before,
I need to taste lips ready to be there
every time I miss sweetness,
I want to truly love, to be loved and
this time away… faraway from here.

Image by Nicola Aiken-Ripolin


© 2010  Broken Sparkles