Great expectations

Expectation is what is considered the most likely to happen, presumed degree of probability of an occurrence.

Sometimes I wonder, how come most great expectations turn out to be not so great, not so worth reaching them? How come when you wait for something to happen, when you dream, pray and suffer about it, the result is inadequate and mixed with disappointment?

I am sure all of us, at least once, have thought that certain event, certain person will give us certain comfort and pleasure and on the end none of it would appear on the surface. You think of a smile and eyes with blessing and love, but harsh voice and rough action is what you get! You see in your day-dreaming peace and serenity, but the reality is knocking you with its absence.

There was a time, when I’d feel sad and frustrated if my expectations were not met with the expected result, when I’d sit awake at night and wonder “Why?”, looking for the answers under my pillow or in between the sheets of anxiety …  now I just count it as an experience, as a lesson I had to learn and I move on to the next expectation, hoping that it will be a better one!

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope the beginning of this week brought you something beautiful to dream about!

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