Frozen violets

Frozen Violets

by  Hugo Ramos and Blaga Todorova

split ebony over silence and dreams,
the phone chimed through
the dim lights of enticing Friday night

the wires touched murmurs,
tones- knotted chords in a breath,
reaching the sanguine lines of the lips

on the other end, a thousand miles away
over wild rivers,
and the emerald foliage of forests

a voice arrived
wrapped in the lemony fragrance
of the Mediterranean

in and out the continents, the words curved in adagio,
notes of a violin, an eloquence keeping the heart
glamored in a clandestine dance

where legs moved across glossy ballroom floors,
and whispers melt into blackness
as the curtains fall

in the dark, his breath curled around her neck,
beyond the end of the dialing thread, she hoped
to dissolve the distance and the ocean’s frozen violets


* * *

I haven’t done many collaborations, but writing together with Hugo is such an inspirational experience,

it is so easy to follow his words and the emotions are exquisite.

Visit Hugo at or follow his poetry on Facebook- HERE.


"Violets are blue" by Jasmina-S on DeviantArt`


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