Happy Birthday Cherlyn!

The sunlight is as passionate as flowers

by Nicholas Gordon on http://www.poemsforfree.com/

The sunlight is as passionate as flowers
Bordering the sidewalk of a song.
Clouds shape its golden apertures for hours,
Shifting with each breeze that comes along.
The day becomes a mustard-colored sunbeam
Falling through the window of your smile.
Mystical sensations, headed downstream,
Sit upon your windowsill awhile.
How beautifully the choir of the mountains
Sings to its rapt audience of blue.
As dancing down a corridor of fountains,
We toss in coins and make this wish for you:
Long may you love the loveliness of Earth
And celebrate with joy your day of birth…

"The birthday cupcake" by instantvoodo on deviantart.com

Dear Cherlyn, wishing you a very Happy Birthday, may your day be filled with joyous moments.

Be happy, always! Good luck!

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