Do you know what is in the air that I breathe?
Where the beats of my heart go to?
Do you know how I get through the day?
Where the smile on my face comes from?

Why even people saying I am so romantically silly,
I still carry on, I still hope and believe?
Why even in the middle of misery and dust,
I still find a ladder to climb to peace and serenity?

I am a dreamer, that’s why. And I will always be.
I don’t believe in a half-shining sun and a half-falling rain.
I don’t let the gray of the day to paint my heart and brain.
I don’t stop just because I’ve seen the sign “STOP”.

I believe in fairy tales written not only on paper
and stored on the pages of a book.
I believe in fairy tales that I see in the smile of strangers,
in the giggles of a child,
in the words of the man holding my hand right now.

I believe in a frozen heart softened by one warm tear,
in flowers growing inside a cave, where no love has ever been.
I believe in happy ends, in people long-lost finding each other,
in dreams, my dreams that will come true.
I believe in me being a dreamer and I always will…

Image by RedSheep Photography

© 2010  Broken Sparkles