Would you blog for peace?


The boat named “Life” sailed in the ocean,
in the middle of somewhere very deep and dark.
The boat touched the salty water with a kiss and
waves and foam from the crash were born.

The power of the wind took the newborn to
the shore, little secret, a miracle brought along.
Purple footprints left on the beach,
a castle and a mermaid from the sand rebuilt.

The garden near suddenly spotted and
with joy, with pleasure ran to visit, to explore.
The flowers didn’t dare to hurt, to ruin,
just whispered: “How beautiful you are, my dear!”

The grass went green than ever, sleepy roses
with the colors of the rainbow blossomed.
Happy sparkles lit behind and
into the forest after that walked alone.

The trees asked for the road, their leaves with
breath of love blessed, by the river exhausted felt,
but the sound of sweet and flowing water heard,
few drops of freedom drank and flew to greet the sky.

On top the busy town saw
and sunshine sprinkled, smiling at the rain.
Pen and paper stole in an act of innocent mischief,
something wrote and the envelope quickly sealed.

The letter in the bag of the postman placed
and sent it to my door to ring the bell.
I opened carefully and the mail read,
the words in hopeful ink said : ” Let us keep the peace! “



“Santorini boat” by Blaga Todorova


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


End of summer

I started “Scent of my heart” so I could share my poems with other people apart from my close friends. So far I am happy with my blog considering it’s really newborn and I must say one more time – thank you Tom Baker for finding me and introducing me to people like Cherlyn from “Over a Cup of Coffee”, it’s always nice to meet people all over the world.

Originally I thought that I will share only poems, because more or less the poem I post says about the day I had, the way I feel, but today I feel like having something different than a poem … it’s going to be my different post every Wednesday of every week. Why Wednesday? Well first Wednesday is my favorite day of the week and second I like the American way of saying :” Happy Hump Day- Happy middle of the week!”

I woke up this morning to find out that the chilly wind is back again. A week ago temperatures dropped down and I thought: ” Oh, the summer is going away!”, but then after few days it was sunny and hot again … until this morning- when my bare feet felt the cold marble floor, which usually in the heat is so nice to walk on to, when having coffee outside on the balcony wasn’t pleasant without a jumper.

I love summer! Having in mind I was born and I have lived for 24 years in a country with very deep winters, mountains of snow and minus degrees, against all odds I just love summer and heat. I absolutely adore the strong sun, the smell of sand and salty water in the air, the light clothes, the long days, the hot nights with open windows and the sound of singing insects. I love Athens in august. It’s really hot, but empty. No traffic, no buses full of people, no politics working in the parliament to accept unacceptable laws to make people to strike, demonstrate and block the roads unhappy and angry with the government, just happy tourists exploring the town, speaking different languages, taking photos …

This summer was a great summer for me. I managed to free myself from all feelings and people making me suffer, I managed to feel myself again, confident and happily smiling, I went on a trip to London and I sure felt really royal visiting palaces and historical monuments, I spent a week on a Greek island enjoying the sea and the beach, I filled myself with energy to face the winter that will come soon.

And today feeling the cold it made me a bit sad … I wish the summer lasted a bit more … I wish I had for a bit more the sun- tanned skin and my painted toe- nails in sandals. But they say nothing really lasts forever and I guess that goes and for summer …

How about you? Do you have a favorite season?

I hope all of you had a very good start of the week and it will end even better! Happy Hump Day world!

Me on the beach in Eretria,Evia – summer 2010


© 2010  Broken Sparkles