Memories *2*

*All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.*

… after all, University had its benefits. She met her best friends there. Dina – shy and nervous girl, half Spanish, half Scottish, who was Bella’s roommate. Behind the anxious icon, Bella discovered kindness and generosity.  And Helena- noisy, colorful girl with deep sense of humor, always ready to help, to support people. The three of them made a great team. The moments together were always an adventure, a laugh that came spontaneously and understanding was part of it all.

Her first love, she met him there too. The first love that makes you stay awake at night, that makes you feel numb from the way he looks at you. He was Dina’s cousin. He came once to visit Dina and Bella remembered as it was today how he entered the room and filled the air with his masculine presence. The innocent Isabella, normally brave enough to face any situation, to make conversation out of nothing, with any kind of people, felt weak, mute and natural blush came on her cheeks. She couldn’t help it, but fall in love. It was a relationship that didn’t involve many words, because as soon as they both would be in the same room and alone, electricity would overtake their bodies and the date would always end up in bed, with her curly, black hair absolutely disheveled, because of his thirst for passion, for her young body made out of energy and smiles.

And then one day he just disappeared. Bella didn’t know what to think. At first she was sure it’s her fault. Maybe she did or said something wrong, something without thinking twice and stopping her hot temperament and spicy language to hurt him. Until Dina told her that he joined the army and he was already in Iraq. Love? Was it love at all? Why he didn’t bother to let her know himself that he is going away? She was hurt and angry, like a crippled beast in a cage. This is where Bella started writing poems, even though frustrated ,with disappointment leaking out of them, they were pretty good.

–“Uh”- Bella sighed in bed, trying to find a better position to make her fall asleep, trying to skip this part of the past.
Anyway it was long time ago and she never saw her first love again. Sometimes she would hear news about him from Dina, but only this. It was all in the past and what’s left in the past stays in the past. After him there were other men, but she never let any of them close enough, she never let her heart open, just because her date was stunningly looking.

In 1999 the university studies were over and Bella found a job in a tourist agency. Her parents said she should search for something with computers, but Bella didn’t want, this job was connected to her dream to travel. And she did …
Greece and the Acropolis, with Santorini and the sunsets. Germany and the towns built with a discipline and strictness, surrounded by perfect clean streets and parks. London and the clouds haunted by the ghosts of Henri VIII and his daughter Elizabeth. Egypt, the Pyramids and secrets of a civilization buried centuries before. And finally the time to see Paris came …

The group was supposed to leave on July 7th, but that day suicide bombers attacked one bus and three London Underground trains, which set the alarms in all airports in Western Europe and due to safety and precautions the tourist program was postponed. Bella still had to go to the airport and arrange the new dates for the flight and the hotels. She was frightened about the killed and injured people in London, feeling anxious about the world they were living in. The thoughts made her dizzy, walking in between arriving and departing passengers, she didn’t see him and accidentally run into him, stepping hardly on his foot  with one of her heels and dropping the folder with papers in her hands.

–“Are you blind? Don’t you see where do you go?” – she heard a blast of words coming out of her mouth, while she was picking up the papers from the ground. Two hands met hers and helped her with the mess on the marble floor.
And when she lifted her head, a face,  natural mixture of cocoa and milk skin, inherent for the Philippine race, stared at her with curiosity. The full lips apologized and turned into a smile. The tall, well-shaped body stood next to her and confidence filled the space between Isabella and the stranger.  She looked carefully to find any hint of arrogance, but only the scent of his body mixed with perfume, sweet aroma, tangled with spices appeared and the cast was spelled on her. The last thing she heard before the faint was his voice:–“Miss, are you alright?”

Months later when they were a couple already, he would joke with Bella, saying she fainted, because of his irresistible charm. But actually it was the exhaustion and the stress that send her falling in his hands- lifeless and pale. She was so embarrassed , waking up in a hospital bed, seeing him talking to the doctor, having so concerned a face.
–“Great”- thought Bella, as soon as she realized what has happened. –“I meet prince Charming and I faint even before introducing myself”
He stayed with her until they let her out few hours later. He drove her home , ordered her to call  at work and take some time off and then sent her to bed. The next day he called to see how Bella was and all other days that followed too. A week later he asked her out on a date. The first kiss was like … He kissed her at the very end of the date when Bella thought he won’t ever do it. It was unexpected and she felt like a lake touched by a thunder in a stormy weather. He didn’t take her to bed, he wished her good night and left her there, trembling.

Bella didn’t sleep that night, at sunrise she was still awake thinking of her prince Charming and his kiss, wondering why he left. Weeks after he confessed to Bella he didn’t sleep either, but he was so scared from the wave of feelings that came to him with the kiss, that he had to go. He told her how he tried to fight it all, but it was stronger than him, so three days later he rang the bell on her door and when Bella opened … there wasn’t talking, only hands pushing the front door and fast breathing, adrenaline, lips touching and loving her lips. There wasn’t elegance or moral, just love, fierce and them.

Bella was so sure that this is the beginning of always, her always . When he fell asleep next to her that night, she found her notebook with poems and wrote:

I’m dreaming dreams again, I feel alive, I breathe
It’s time to fill my glass with finest French champagne
And drink in celebration to this final new beginning
The nights so dark and lonely I will kiss “good bye”
The days so empty and meaningless I will put aside
Because this world was built for you and me to meet
And so does love and passion meant for us to be

to be continued …

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Memories *1*

Since few of my readers said they like the fragment of the story I posted yesterday, I will post the whole story in parts, because it’s rather long for a short story. I hope I will get a constructive feedback, feel free to suggest changes, to correct me. I won’t get offended, exactly the opposite, it will help me make it better. Thank you!

*All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.*

Isabella Rico Valor – part 1

Isabella Rico Valor was born in the very cold and snowy night, December the 9th, in the year 1976. Few minutes after her mother gave a birth at the public hospital in Santa Pola- small town on the coast of Spain, near Alicante, the sky suddenly cleared up, the snow stopped and stars showed to congratulate the little person that came to life and Venus was right on top to mark the newborn with love, romance and belief in everything pure and beautiful.

Today, 33 years after this day, Isabella was sitting by the window, with her eyes closed, relaxed and content with the evening she spent with her family, celebrating her day. Her mind traveled back to when she was 6 years old and saw herself in front of  the homemade cake with candles ready to be blown. Her dad holding camera as usual, capturing the moment when she would take a deep breath and laughing will blow the candles. Her mom gorgeous as always, asking her: “Did you make a wish Bella?”. And out loud the wish: “I want to become a pilot, so I could travel around the world
and see all countries!”. She didn’t become a pilot, but the hunger to travel and see new places was always there- in all her thoughts and actions.

Isabella never really felt at home in Santa Pola. Her parents were the only people she could be comfortable with. Of course there were loads of friends and many nice days, afternoons, evenings with them, but still, most of the time she would find herself misunderstood and not in the right place, with the right people. Like when she was 10 and mother had set a play-date with the cute neighbor boy, which play-date ended up with Isabella locking the poor boy inside the cupboard, after he couldn’t follow the rules of the game they were playing. Her mother so embarrassed, didn’t know how to find the most polite way to apologize to the neighbor parents and Isabella, even though grounded, went to bed with a smile, saying to herself: “There will be a day, when I wouldn’t need to explain myself for everything. People will accept me just the way I am and will play along, because they’d understand me!” This is what made her an excellent student, the desire to go faraway from Santa Pola and find these people and the place where she would really feel home.

1994 was her year, the year she graduated with perfectly good marks, the year when high school was over and she got accepted in the University of Barcelona, in the Faculty of Computer studies. Well, it wasn’t exactly what she wanted, but computers were the future and Barcelona was enough faraway from Santa Pola. It was a new beginning she impatiently embraced.

Bella loved the town the minute she got there. “A jewel in the sun”-was a description about Barcelona she heard somewhere and she couldn’t agree more with it. The scent of history and culture in the air that made her wonder what has she been in a past life. The dozen parks and the greenery that made her dream about endless walks or maybe a book read on a bench, surrounded by the giggles of happy kids running with kites. The amazing buildings and sculptures designed by Gaudi, the colorful line of streets, the tourists speaking different languages, wandering around, making the town pleasantly busy and of course the smell of the sea and the breeze on the beach, walking on the sand with bare feet late at night. She loved it all, everything about Barcelona was like home, her own home.

–“Bella”- her mother opened the door of her room, calling her name quietly, thinking she may be asleep and the memory of the first days in Barcelona was cut short, to be back to Santa Pola and her 33rd birthday. Mrs. Rico Valor wanted to say good night and probably to make sure her daughter goes to bed soon, because of the early flight she had to catch next morning. Bella smiled at her mom, wondering how come parents always treat them like babies, no matter how old they grow. Bella gave a kiss “good night” to her mom and cuddled in bed, going back to Barcelona  in her dreams.

She might have loved the town, but she knew immediately, since day one in university, the world of computers wasn’t her world. Technology was promising a very bright future to those who would study, learn and practice one day as specialists, but for Bella this was a cold field, devoid of any sense and grace whatsoever. Even her colleagues – cold creatures – most of them very clever, but in a way a nerd can be clever, intelligent and loaded with tons of information  about programming, microchips, electronic circuits… And there was nothing wrong with it, Bella thought. The problem was that even out of classes, when they were supposed to relax, to live life and be in love, to talk about politics,  art, books … anything, they were again there – putting together the pieces of a broken computer or rewriting something they did wrong in the faculty during tests. And this wasn’t Isabella’s idea of spending her spare time, not even close.

Of course she wouldn’t go back to Santa Pola, she wouldn’t disappoint her parents and give the small town something to talk about for the next few months. She stayed, trying to do things right and somehow fit in the new life by being good enough to study and free enough to enjoy the rest of the world that has nothing to do with computers. And she did well, University after all had its benefits …

to be continued …

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