Cinderella’s arc

Cinderella’s arc

Another day with charm
and elegance of simple life,
insignificance with strawberries
dancing in white chocolate.
Another smile kept in the album
of a lost soul, to retain peace,
to lock any disobedience in a sigh,
to ally with feverish lips.

In between the beauty of the last
summer and the memory of
this wintry rain and today
I found a dream,
a desire for tomorrow’s dawn,
for the sunset before dark,
to be a lovely game of clouds,
playing with bright,
blue light in front of
the innocent sun.

And today,
ignoring the fuss around,
I closed my eyes and
I saw you with a map
and a bag full of love,
on the road to me,
in a hurry to reach me
before I disappear in the night,
before I stand,
facing Cinderella’s arc,
in dim and silence to ask …

Will I ever find a
way out of the mirage?
An escape far, faraway?
Will I survive the ash
from the hearth?
Is there a key for the stairs down?
Is there a chance to see you
saving me, before I loose
the crown?


"Cinderella" by Danapra on

© 2011  Broken Sparkles