I heard you again


I heard you again

I heard you again in my heart, in my veins, in between adrenaline and hot blood.
With the last wave of the sea inflow, saying you’re coming soon.
With the drops of rain falling unmercifully, showing you’re staying this time.
I heard you again in my head, not as a fantasy in my sleep, it was real.

I felt again your intense devotion, your eagerness for ardor, for passion.
With the fresh air of the spring coming, whispering you’re lost without me.
With the roses that blossom on my balcony, proving you were born to be with me.
I felt again your love, your dreams and your hopes for a new tomorrow.

I know again with my soul, with my mind, with my six senses.
I could see it with my eyes, feel it in your voice.
With the sun that shines inside of me every time I think of you.
With the river that flows inside of you every time you dream of me.

I know for sure, I am so in love again and so are you …

Image by RedSheep Photography


© 2010  Broken Sparkles

It’s so wrong to want you …

It’s so wrong to want you

I feel it in my bones,
I sense it in every cell of my skin.
It’s coming again like a tide
to overflow me with lust, with brutal passion.

The fast breathing, the non-stop thoughts about you,
the craving to see you, the weakness when I finally do,
the butterflies in my heart, the taste of adrenaline so sweet.
My mind gone blank, because you smiled at me,
the feeling of the world trembling when you whisper,
sometimes tender, sometimes fierce.

The flirting, the game of power, the chase,
the silent moments just before your kiss
that take me to delirium.
The questions “When?”, “How?”, “Where?”
your lips will mark me. The beast in you
insatiably savoring my sensitive skin,
leaving no part of me unloved,
untouched, unchanged.Victim of your love
and I feel so good to be a prisoner.

It’s so wrong to want you, it’s dangerous to let you in.
The daylight makes me hide, fight with reason,
but at night, when the world is asleep and
darkness covers the town with shady webs,
when there is no witnesses to my foolish desire,
I will surrender over and over again.

And if once upon a time
Eva ignored Adam and had the forbidden fruit,
now I will ignore all rules, I will taste the sin to have you,
to let you have me and leave nothing out,
but ash and dust of the passion between you and I.


“Man at the window” by Youkha on deviantart.com


 © 2010  Broken Sparkles