Pencils delight

“I have owed you this letter for a very long time-
but my fingers have avoided the pencil as though it were an old and poisoned tool. “
~ John Steinbeck

Thanks to Michelle Wallace from “Writer~in~transit” for the inspiration. I’m sorry that it took me so long to reply to the challenge sent in a hand-written letter by Michelle. There is nothing like the joy of finding little blue envelope in the mail box after a long day at work. Thank you Michelle! I also submit this to Victoria’s Monday Morning Writing Prompt with theme – Back to school.

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pencils delight

yellow are the costumes
of the tree leaves,
yellow is the first color
in the pencil’s box,
leading the wooden soldiers
to class with joy.
one merry smile with red charm,
we blend the graphite and
there comes the orange balance.
a tiny bit of green to keep
the youth of the grass in summer,
blue shadows coming from the sea
and the breeze on the sky.
an addition of purple
for every innocent twilight,
with a pinch of pink for the cheeks
in a walk in the mountains,
a lullaby for the dark colors
to keep them jolly in their sleep.
and when the teacher’s bell rings,
let’s pack them in a bag,
relish the tour on the school bus;
let’s start the year with
blessings from the angels;
let’s sing and recite and
learn the secrets of pencils delight.


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Laptop- less

Hey there everyone!

Don’t think that I have disappeared … I just had Trojan invasion and my laptop is at the doctor, hopefully it will be back soon. Tonight, tomorrow morning, the sooner the better …

I will be visiting you soon and until then take care and smile wherever you are. Love and peace …

Computer-less me …

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Sci-fi world

To become a human

On a planet X, Martian girl- tourist, dressed in stardust and silk,
waits on a queue and speaks to her personal Moon.
“The hours on the waiting line are worth” – she says,
and step after step, to the emerald salesman she moves.
With the speed of the light it was supposed to be,
but alas, time froze, the orbits were on strike again.
She thought of astronauts, she prayed for iron rain,
she dreamed of umbrellas that will hide her antenna
and when she finally reached the counter,
her nikon eyes, her smile in innocent tungsten, crossing gigabites,
faced the solar robot, selling all kind of artificial goods:
“One ticket to the Earth please and advice how can I fit in a human outfit?


“Miss Martian Digital Dream Girl” by Jason Canty on


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