In the silence

In the silence

I wake up and I look
in the distance again,
the skies have inhaled
your trails and the indigo
scent I desire, it aches.

Paper smile is all I have,
ambrosial eyes inviting me,
dauntless my heart is, but only
an illusion is streaming with
the wind that comes so near.

From all the places I’ve been,
in the land of dreams about you,
I found the most angelic shimmer.
The red juice in my veins,
blazing just for a word from you.

In the silence I build castles,
your face dwells with me,
the taste of a whimsical kiss,
the hint of hands in hands
and a whisper, just a whisper from you.


To all silent inspirations …

Mood – Stateless- Bloodstream song.

“The sound of silence” by Christina on


© 2011  Broken Sparkles

Let the angels breathe

Let the angels breathe

Stop and stare at faces without names, imagine
their spirits cornered on a street with no end.
Find a moment to forget, relax, embrace
the smell of ocean in winter, respect the dove’s flight.

Hold the moral from promises, beautifully broken.
Caress your conscience and let it adrift
across horizons, on the wings of fragrance and winds,
let January’s song set your mind free, let the cold go.

Make a sacrifice, help someone, accept the eyes of hope,
hold the serenity, be close to stars and orbits.
Become the grace, the purity of galaxies abroad,
let the angels of peace breathe, this is all we need

Santorini by Krissi Bondiotis


© 2011  Broken Sparkles



Would you blog for peace?


The boat named “Life” sailed in the ocean,
in the middle of somewhere very deep and dark.
The boat touched the salty water with a kiss and
waves and foam from the crash were born.

The power of the wind took the newborn to
the shore, little secret, a miracle brought along.
Purple footprints left on the beach,
a castle and a mermaid from the sand rebuilt.

The garden near suddenly spotted and
with joy, with pleasure ran to visit, to explore.
The flowers didn’t dare to hurt, to ruin,
just whispered: “How beautiful you are, my dear!”

The grass went green than ever, sleepy roses
with the colors of the rainbow blossomed.
Happy sparkles lit behind and
into the forest after that walked alone.

The trees asked for the road, their leaves with
breath of love blessed, by the river exhausted felt,
but the sound of sweet and flowing water heard,
few drops of freedom drank and flew to greet the sky.

On top the busy town saw
and sunshine sprinkled, smiling at the rain.
Pen and paper stole in an act of innocent mischief,
something wrote and the envelope quickly sealed.

The letter in the bag of the postman placed
and sent it to my door to ring the bell.
I opened carefully and the mail read,
the words in hopeful ink said : ” Let us keep the peace! “



“Santorini boat” by Blaga Todorova


© 2011  Broken Sparkles