Sofia is the capital of my country Bulgaria and it’s the largest city there. Lots of history is behind the name of the town starting with the Celtic tribe Serdi, then ruled by Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander the Great, conquered by the Romans, which made the city one of the first where Christianity was officially recognized as a religion. After that became part of the first Bulgarian Empire, but number of unsuccessful sieges turned Sofia into Byzantine territory, to be seized by the Ottoman Empire later on, until the Russians freed us  … Wars, innocent lives lost, invasions, terror … all of them have marked the streets of Sofia and the thoughts of the citizens, generation after generation the memories of the difficult times probably have faded away, but there are still the stories read in school to remind us of what our nation have been through!

Today Sofia is a modern town, or at least trying to be modern enough and people living there are trying to keep up with this modern style of life. I personally don’t like Sofia as a town very much, every time I go there I feel inside my stomach a nervous ball jumping up and down, I feel something in the air is making me rather uncomfortable. But the last time I was in Bulgaria and I spent a day in Sofia, I discovered a new place called lake Ariana. Right in the middle of the town, a little lake surrounded with trees and greenery! Almost perfection!

I don’t know why, how come I liked it this time? Walking around and taking deep breaths to inhale the atmosphere, I still wonder why !?! Was it the company of my friend I had coffee with? Was it the fact that everyone was at work and there were no grumpy and unhappy people to look at us? Was it the autumn weather a bit chilly for me, with the sun shining in cold colors and hiding the imperfectness of the gray roads and buildings? I don’t know what was it, but I like to share with you the beauty of this place in a picture!

“Lake Ariana” by Blaga Todorova


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Going away

Happy hump day everyone! I hope you all had a good start of the week!

For me is not only the middle of this working week but and the end, because tomorrow I am going away. I’m going to Bulgaria to see my family and friends. I haven’t been there since April, so I am really looking forward to it and apart from that I love traveling. I get excited even going to the town next door. Imagine the excitement when I change country, when I get on the plane and find myself surrounded with white fluffy clouds and blue … the endless blue of the sky? I even have a poem about airplanes and airports, but I haven’t found the right picture for it yet, so now I hope on some airport I will have the chance to capture the exact image I’ve been thinking about.

Usually after every trip I come back with new ideas for poems and stories, traveling somehow feeds my imagination more than anything. And especially now when I’m not in love, when I’m not hurt or extremely happy, but just feeling normally and peacefully calm, now when I don’t have my heart up-side-down, I could use the inspiration of a trip. I could use the nice time with my family.

There were many events that made me leave my own country, many unpleasant moments that made me come to  Greece. Often when I go back to visit I still see those same things and I consider my choice to emigrate absolutely right,  but being with the family is like nothing else. So today’s post is for all families.

Speaking of people that we feel comfortable with, that have done something to brighten our days, here is where I want to tell you that on October 2, I will be a guest in Tom Baker‘s blog  Morning Erection, which for me is a big honor. It will be great if you stop by this Saturday and have a look at my guest post and Tom’s older posts too. I recommend one of his posts very strongly- “The most beautiful girl in the world“. Once again thank you Tom.

To end this hump day, I wish you all a great time. I will still have my poems coming every day thanks to wordpress “scheduling ahead posting” … and as for all of you, that you stop by my blog … stay safe and smile …always smile :) !!!

Love: B.


My home town


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