Thank You, I’m Not Interested…

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“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. “
~Germaine Greer

The poem in this post came spontaneously, unexpectedly and for that I’d like to thank Sam for the inspiration!

Visit Sam’s blog Cerca Trova, it is worth your time!


Thank You, I’m Not Interested …

by Samer El Abed and Blaga Todorova


The Blind leads the Blind,
echoes and shadows collide.

The Ignorant leads the Ignorant,
innocence lapses with time.

The Criminal preaches Justice,
bullets color the indigo sky.

The Hater lectures love,
hearts blossom only when it’s dark.

The Holy man leads the Mob,
faith is no longer part of the world clock.

If that’s your gift of Freedom,
inhaling with agony drops of liberty.

If that’s your gift of Democracy,
caging the last breath of hope.

If that’s your gift of Justice,
replacing the light of values with shame.

If that’s your gift of Life,
marching over thoughts and reasons.

Thank you, I’m not interested …

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Thank you everyone for reading and leaving comments,

I will be away for the next 10 days and I will return visits when I’m back!

Love & Peace …


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Frozen violets

Frozen Violets

by  Hugo Ramos and Blaga Todorova

split ebony over silence and dreams,
the phone chimed through
the dim lights of enticing Friday night

the wires touched murmurs,
tones- knotted chords in a breath,
reaching the sanguine lines of the lips

on the other end, a thousand miles away
over wild rivers,
and the emerald foliage of forests

a voice arrived
wrapped in the lemony fragrance
of the Mediterranean

in and out the continents, the words curved in adagio,
notes of a violin, an eloquence keeping the heart
glamored in a clandestine dance

where legs moved across glossy ballroom floors,
and whispers melt into blackness
as the curtains fall

in the dark, his breath curled around her neck,
beyond the end of the dialing thread, she hoped
to dissolve the distance and the ocean’s frozen violets


* * *

I haven’t done many collaborations, but writing together with Hugo is such an inspirational experience,

it is so easy to follow his words and the emotions are exquisite.

Visit Hugo at or follow his poetry on Facebook- HERE.


"Violets are blue" by Jasmina-S on DeviantArt`


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by Cherlyn Cochrane and Blaga Todorova

You’re leaving again –
where to this time?
Sahara or Sinai?
Lost, buried within the dunes,
expecting your tormented ego
to blend with the rays of wild sun.

Your tortured soul belongs
to the Egyptian ruins;
you find comfort in the lonely winds
chasing mirages,
desolating the desert,
with beige ashes as your company.

Go! Don’t turn back to see me
trembling in the reflection
of your empty eyes.
Find your way to a hasty escape
in mysterious lands faraway.
Go! And don’t expect an atonement.

Crumble away, become forgotten –
lost in the sands of time
like your precious Pyramids.
Leave again – and soon too
this heartache burning inside
will be but an ancient memory.

* * * * *

Visit my dear friend Cherlyn at Over a cup of coffee or follow her poetry on Facebook HERE.

Cherlyn, thank you for writing this with me, it is a definite repeat working with you!


"E X S I L I U M" by Yasna Sepulveda on DeviantArt


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