Athens today- the new normal …

“If you’re listening to this, congratulations! You survived Doomsday. I’d like to apologize straightaway for any inconvenience the end of the world may have caused you. The earthquakes, rebellions, riots, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and of course the giant snake who swallowed the sun—I’m afraid most of that was our fault…” ~ Rick Riordan, The Serpent’s Shadow

* * * * *

The following it seems to be the new normal day in Athens … I’m not rejecting the right to anyone to complain, demonstrate, express pain and dismay, but I’m kind of fed up, for the simple reason that none of those demonstrations can change anything when it comes to the situation in the country, they just change the life of people like me, turning it into an unpleasant cascade of events, stopping the normal course of the day …

* * * * *

People …

More people …

Even more, coming out of every corner and street …

And flags …

And drums … of course!

Streets like Akademias absolutely empty …

And Greek flags everywhere …

… and thank God for the dear Police

… and for the rubbish, everywhere!!!


… because that’s all left on the end! Just rubbish! But, looking at the brighter side of life, at least I had a coffee in my favorite coffee shop, feeling protected more than ever, because the Police had coffee there too :) Have a great day/ night everyone!


The coffee of the day is pretty much French …


© 2012  Broken Sparkles


7 Responses to “Athens today- the new normal …”


    What a picturesque commentary on the state of affairs there! :-( You have a great eye for details and a wry outlook which is not at all surprising keeping in mind, the turmoil there. Thank God for Coffee ! :-)

  2. Jamie Dedes Says:

    A sad commentary, Blaga, but what wonderful photographs … And the perfect end: a good coppa’ Joe.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      It’s more of a paradox all this with the strikes, I just try to find the funny side and let my uncomfortable self slip through it! But yes, a cup of coffee does make a difference :)

      • Jamie Dedes Says:

        We all looked at the photographs the other day. We suddenly realized next to the messes here after such events, it looks clean. Oh my! That doesn’t say something good about Americans. :-(

  3. dragonkatet Says:

    There seem to be some blatant contradictions in these pictures (or how it seems to me, anyway) – the people love their right to protest, yet the police seem to be taking it easy…all of those people seem proud of their nationality, and yet they leave such trash behind (sad). I’m glad you are safe and hope you stay that way. I can only imagine how much it inconveniences you (probably quite a lot!), and yet…I do not think you would be one to resent the freedom of these people to protest. It seems that in these kinds of situations, it is very hard to find any kind of balance in too much vs. not enough.

    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      You are very right Corina, this is why I get frustrated with all these strikes, They seem to have demands rather important, but they are not willing to face basic sets of rules when it comes to life, because cruel or not to receive something you always have to give something in return and all they do is ask and ask and ask, thinking the world owes them …when that is a very wrong idea to live by!

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