Adagio for my 200 blog post

This poem was written in October last year, but it is my favorite from all my poems, so I decided to post it again, and since this is my 200 post, I wanted it to be special!

* * * * *


by Blaga Todorova

between melodies and lyrics,
between beats and strings
touched by the fever of lovers passion
and sweetly bruised lips,
bright, burgundy music
stirred in white roses and in longing
moves like a sultry wind.
for every second of a burning day,
for every ray of moonlight
and every time a candle follows a dawn
and with every breath that I gasp, aching,
I miss the sound of your heart,
the trails of hands in my memories
and on my skin.

a humid fantasy, as if you are
next to me or at least your shadow
and inside a soft, artistic, sugary laughter
like a river under a melting snow,
like a  gravitating summer
in the rhythm of fragile voices,
like a crystal picture frame
surrounding two happy faces,
when there is a promise
for an amaranthine night,
and there is a song of flowers
growing blind but beautiful,
and an absence of rhymes
in the distant whispers,
or maybe just blurs
out of a Persian poet’s mind.

but the truth is,
the stars once reflecting inevitably
in the green of your eyes,
the mystery constantly leading
the logic away from the silk bed,
the feeling of togetherness
almost reaching out an altar,
demand, daring, to bring back
the last kiss survived,
and there is a chaos of questions
trying to hurt the air,
and a pas de deux never meant to end,
and a luminous harmony in a forgotten adagio.

* * * * *

If you can’t see the video posted on YouTube, click HERE.


© 2012  Broken Sparkles


20 Responses to “Adagio for my 200 blog post”

  1. chester maynes Says:

    Such a lovely, pure and beautifully written poem! Keep writing more like this! :-)

  2. Eve Redwater Says:

    “amaranthine night” is beautiful! Congratulations in your 200th post! :D x

  3. dfb Says:

    What a wonderfully textured piece! Lovely.

  4. Just A Smidgen Says:

    Ahhh.. love your words, perfectly capture that moment and feeling we’ve all (hopefully) experienced.. I used “amaranthine” in one of my poems.. a favorite word of mine. I think poems should be reposted and revisited.. to celebrate again!!

  5. Bluejellybeans Says:

    Is beautiful! Congrats on your 200 hundreds posts :)

  6. lameboyofhameln Says:

    I thought this was going to be terrible, instead I found that the voice was excellent and it carried me along. Good work you.

  7. Arindam Says:

    Beautiful poem. So much emotion perfectly captured by you. Great post.

  8. Victoria C. Slotto Says:

    It is special…as are you. Congrats on another milestone, Blaga.

  9. Eclipse Says:

    Oh I do remembeer this one so clearly Blaga :)
    Congrats on your 200’s posting!

  10. dragonkatet Says:

    Congrats on reaching 200! That is really something special. :) This is one of your best poems, I think, Blaga. It captures “you” in almost every verse. I’m so glad you are still blogging and still writing poetry!

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