Almost a poem

Almost a poem

The train leaves at noon,
near by a field with cherry trees.
Minutes before, while he is still asleep,
I write a note and the night gown that I wear
doesn’t like the sound of the crying silk.
Quiet and with stains of memories on my skin,
while the pen hovers over the yellow-like paper,
dripping ginger and shimmers of adieu,
I gather up my dress, leaving unwillingly
the fervidly ripped, satin sleeves,
a wallet, an emotionless identity
and a receipt from the post office
for an amity package that I will never collect.
Behind the closed doors I blend with the faceless,
heartless souls on the way to the train, thinking,
maybe I should write a poem, an insane confession
about my love for the angel who found me too late,
long after I became a fire nymph in service of Hades.
The cherry trees nod in disbelief and I agree, after all,
who will read a sonnet that has the end of an eulogy?


"A cherry blossoms fairytale" by Blaga Todorova


© 2012  Broken Sparkles


4 Responses to “Almost a poem”

  1. Victoria C. Slotto Says:

    Oh my. This is full of poignant regret and longing. Just beautiful, as it your photo.

  2. dfb Says:

    Another powerfully layered poem – and love your choice of picture, too.

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