“A chance for a simple kiss …”


What absurd desires to create,
what transparent déjà vu to insert into the light,
to ferret out the life remaining in your heart,
weightless and pale beats over ebony eyelashes?
What angels to claim, what fairies, foreboding
a quixotic kiss and a sundown with you,
to knit on the edge of my patience /for pure asylum/
to take back the artistry in your smile,
the lush of sage in your eyes?

Assume the distance could stop
the howling and the weeping, forever,
and the ocean could swallow the rust
in the hours measuring the pain.
Suppose air- balloons could erase
the agony of the sunburned skies
and on my knees I could make a wish
and give it wings, feathers of freedom.
Imagine I could hike through
a blizzard of ash and petals, I could
reword the secrets in the Arabic letters…

What then? Will you finally hear me?
Can I take the risk and leave destiny
to amble endlessly with the winds?
Oh, let what I bring, lounging on my hands, in,
accept the naked moon shivering tonight,
seek the promises sliding on her curves.
Let me, then, be what I am, what I will always be,
beyond stars and seasons, above ethereal reasons,
without a doubt, fragrantly in love with you.


"Love" by Laura


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


13 Responses to “Ethereal”

  1. Eclipse Says:

    ….overwhelmed with your gorgeous way of writing….
    Have a cozy and peaceful weekend Blaga
    Much love/Eclipse

  2. 1manview Says:

    Beautiful style…
    Beautiful write…

  3. carpetbeater Says:

    “Will you finally hear me?”
    ……who on earth is not listening to you, does their heart or brain or heart need a recharger? Amazon might provide them.

  4. dragonkatet Says:

    See, this poem right here is a perfect example of why I am glad you don’t have a cold heart! No way could you write such fantastic and compelling poems like this if you did have a heart of stone. This is a gorgeous write, Blaga! :)

  5. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wow, your poetry always makes me feel speechless. Your imagery, your words, they really move a person to feel that you must feel. Wonderful poem, really makes me feel the essence of loving. I can’t believe I’ve been away so long as to have missed reading this earlier.

    Love the photograph too! :)

  6. hedgewitch Says:

    The feeling in this is both delicate and intense; yearning, desire, and images of the greatest refinement flow through it. Enjoyed it very much, and the music as well.

  7. zumpoems Says:

    What an effective, naturally flowing use of words. Excellent!

  8. claudia Says:

    this just floats across the page.. the longing, the yearning…but even more the desire to be known, to experience freedom in the other… one of the key lines for me is… Let me, then, be what I am, what I will always be…much enjoyed..

  9. leah J. Lynn Says:

    Wow, beautiful written. if i had half the talents that you have.

  10. brian miller Says:

    fragrantly in love with you…what a hot line…love it..felt….great flow…great piece..

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