Winter’s spell

Winter’s spell

There is an ill light coming with the sunrise,
scattering bitterness over the mountains,
unwillingly setting the green on flames.
How inevitable is the agony of the sky and
the fall of the leaves reciting ballads!

A loneliness, a despair creeps out,
verifying the dismal perfume of a frozen soil,
striving to recognize the glory of the world.
The ashes of a fire place, the death of sunflowers
how they stab the innocence in every smile!

I pace, madly, crying over my squandered tranquility,
like a moon letting its brightest star depart.
I’m thinking, seduced by the spell of winter,
disabled by the empty waltz of snowflakes,
irrevocably craving the sweet kisses of summer.

* * * * *

Inspired by “My Soul’s Winter” and Jamie Dedes on Musing by Moonlight.


Winters spell by xaddictedxtragedyx on DeiantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


19 Responses to “Winter’s spell”

  1. Mary Helen Ferris Says:

    i read everything from you am sharing this one especially thank you for expressing what often goes unspoken… the warmth of my appreciation and that of others can give you some resolution………winter is a time of inner reflection and I find such warmth in your writing……trust you will as well soon

  2. Jan Freeman Says:

    I especially liked the first stanza and what a wonderfully accompanying image :-)

  3. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Each stanza is an experience that can stand alone. It is indeed a winter of the soul, the kind of thing we can all relate too.

    Thanks for the mention, Blaga. Happy Wednesday. Hope the news isn’t getting you down. It’s all so right at your feet there, but you will weather it I know.

    Blessings …

  4. brian miller Says:

    nice piece…felt…the dark winter of the soul…been there and it is def not great place to be…if that is where you find yourself now, i hope that this season goes by rather quick for you…

  5. ♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡ Says:

    I like the winter spell….. :)

  6. claudia Says:

    ..the fall of the leaves reciting ballads…the death of sunflowers, stabbing innocence and empty waltz of snowflakes…were my fav of the images…winter has some kind of magical spell for sure..and welcome at dVerse…

  7. Eclipse Says:

    Stunning piece Blaga…magic in every word, a fantastic ending….sigh……………

  8. Joanne Elliott (@soulsprite) Says:

    You’ve epxressed the darkness of Winter’s spell so well. It’s so dark, but at times so lovely like your poem.

  9. timkeen40 Says:

    The bleakness of winter tempered by the subtle promise of a new summer…sounds like a life cycle.

    Awesome piece.

  10. liv2write2day Says:

    Blaga, beautiful personification of winter and perfect description of how it makes you feel.

  11. dreamingthruthetwilight Says:

    “empty waltz of snowflakes”. How bleak that sounds , capturing all of Winter’s sullenness . But then if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
    This is wonderfully written. I’ve read it over and over again.

  12. wolfsrosebud Says:

    “How inevitable is the agony of the sky and
    the fall of the leaves reciting ballads!”

    This battle isn’t only in the mountains… inside my being. You’ve captured will the emos that go with winter’s of every kind… enjoyed your words

  13. Marissa Says:

    Intense and lovely as always. I do adore the way your images stand-out and call to me as I read your work. There’s a lovely movement and motion in this one! Beautiful Blaga! ~Marissa

  14. dragonkatet Says:

    WoW. Okay, I think I may have a new favorite of your poems, Blaga. This was an amazing piece. I LOVE the word juxtapositions you have going on in this one and there are some REALLY powerful, good lines in here:
    “scattering bitterness over the mountains,”
    “striving to recognize the glory of the world”
    “disabled by the empty waltz of snowflakes,
    irrevocably craving the sweet kisses of summer.”

    Yes, you have definitely captured Winter’s essence with this one. I am impressed. :) *Hugs* Stay warm!!!

  15. krissi Says:

    ‘…like a moon letting its brightest star depart. ‘ is exactly how i feel on this cold wintry night. You have truly captured the essence of winter.

  16. siubhan Says:

    i feel like the imagery here, especially in the first two verses, is just… crystalline & heartbreaking. alas! for the death of the sunflowers!

  17. deadpoet88 Says:

    Oh how I can imagine the agony you must feel now that winters have come. Is it quite cold out there? I really hope that the spring comes early and you’re relieved of your pain. Your poetry makes winter sound so cruel and heartless, very well written! Take care of your health Bee.

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