White roses sleeping in champagne


White roses sleeping in champagne

He sits by the window,
absorbing the reflections of midnight blue.
Inhaling the molecules of her perfume,
counting the raindrops that sculpture her whispers,
their lips rhyming with the silence.

He has this vision, almost sparkling,
how her curls chase
the naked beauty of his shoulders.
He holds her with the grip of a hunter,
letting her lean into the sands of his eyes.

He dishevels the rhythm of her heart,
fierce, with the touch of a windy moonlight,
just enough to show her the essence of love …

* * * * *

Inspired by “Apricot Standing in Red Wine” on Outlandos D’amour


Image by Brian Mcguffog on http://free-photo.gatag.net/


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


12 Responses to “White roses sleeping in champagne”

  1. ladynimue Says:

    sooper lovely !!

    hows you doing lady .. been kind of busy from long time.. missed reading you though …

  2. Eclipse Says:

    What a sensual one Blaga…love the play of the words
    “…how her curls chase
    the naked beauty of his shoulders…” – brilliant

  3. Jan Freeman Says:

    I’m giddy from the onslaught of feeling :-)

  4. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Champagne bubbles … just filled with lovely images and tender emotion. I really like “he dishevels the rhythm of her heart” … more chocolate for my soul. Thank you, Blaga dear! ;-) Happy Sunday p.m. to you.

  5. Charles Says:

    I warned you. :)

    I have officially shanghaied you; I mean nominated you for the esteemed Versatile Blogger’s Award!

    Please go here to pick up your Award: http://leoutlandosdamour.wordpress.com/about/

    I hope you take to time to check out some of my other nominees if you don’t know them already, and please check out my new friend Charlotte’s blog. As most of you know, I don’t really do this type of thing, but I stumbled upon her blog by accident doing this Halloween guestbook signing for another friend and well, what can I say, I felt obligated. She trusted me, of all people, yeah, and nominated me and she does these really great water-color portraits. If nothing else, please stop by her blog, that would mean a lot to me.

    I hope you enjoy my little “awards show.” I got to play around and be sarcastic and as most of you know–I loooooooooooove to do that.

    Thank you & Happy Halloween!

  6. Charles Says:

    This is how blind I am — I didn’t even realize I posted the above on this poem. I remember getting the track-back notification, but it didn’t register. I agree with eclipse, “how her curls chase the naked beauty…” I like that visual, I’ll explain it to you someday. As always, you write very well. I can’t believe you simply improvised that. If you’re writing that well out of the blocks, I can only imagine what you could do if you did a little word-smithing and polish. Then again, some of us do that as we write–I do. It’s one of the reasons I’m so slow.

  7. dragonkatet Says:

    Ah, Blaga. I swear you should write romance novels! You have such a way of describing passion, and love, and sensuality, emotions…all of it. You wrap it up in such a delicious piece of poetry and truly bring the reader with you into the poem. I admire that quite a bit, because I think it is a rare talent these days! xox


    Deliciously written Blaga… this is your genre and you are the queen of it. So sensual and romantic …Loved it!:-) Cheers!

  9. dontchawannadream Says:

    Beautiful. So is your blog! Love it.

  10. Androgoth Says:

    I hope that you have had a wonderful
    and wicked Halloween Broken Sparkles :)

    Androgoth XXx

  11. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Good afternoon, Blaga! Best wishes for a champagne Tuesday … ;-)

  12. deadpoet88 Says:

    Excellent poem, another wonderful romantic one. Love the imagery again, I agree, that the lines

    “He has this vision, almost sparkling,
    how her curls chase
    the naked beauty of his shoulders.”

    Are very good. :)

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