Quintessence of soul’s crime

“There is a way to be good again.” from the film, The Kite Runner

This poem is a collaborative effort inspired by a mutual love of both the book (by Khalid Hosseini) and the film, The Kite Runner. If you have not enjoyed them yet, we recommend that you do … two thumbs up!



Jamie Dedes / Musing by Moonlight/ and Blaga Todorova

Between the snow in crimson and
crippled conscience, abject soul
I paint a perfect escape tripping
on the dry weeds of my disgrace

I let fall any strength of good will
whatever shards of honest force
and bit the cold concrete of my essence
for the wretched glow of a Judas’ kiss

Tears drip now from my guilty heart
My mind constricts again and again
with the saline threads of this life
of jealousy, your love and light gone

Lost, so lost in the mists of that guilt
Judas stomps the flayed tatters of spirit
the rhythm of his boots on the march,
to a strange world, to rude escape

The nights here dance on starred paths
and a heart ignites the days, framing
words, scenes, and stories that heal me
of the shame, dissolving the old sins

Integrity then found anew on the ground
where once we played in love and now
seeded to me in the son you left behind
the light of your spirit rejoices mine

© poem, Blaga Todorova and Jamie Dedes, 2011 all rights reserved.

Photo credit ~ Poster art for the film, which is copyrighted by Paramount,DreamWorks, or the graphic artist who designed it. It is used here under fair use.

* * * * *


7 Responses to “Quintessence of soul’s crime”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    This was lots of fun, Blaga. Thanks for the invitation. It was an honor to work with you on this. Big hugs for CA.



    Quite profound with a touch of redemption at the end. The essence of the film is somehow embedded in these lines though it shines very much on its own strengths too.
    “Between the snow in crimson and
    crippled conscience, abject soul
    I paint a perfect escape tripping
    on the dry weeds of my disgrace”—the imagery is mind-blowing. Kudos to you both Blaga and Jamie! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Jan Freeman Says:

    A striking poem dedicated to a memorable film indeed. Lives ravaged by prejudice and intolerance.

  4. liv2write2day Says:

    This gave me chills. I haven’t seen the movie (I tend not to want to when I’ve loved a book) but you and Jamie captured the entire essence of the story in an incredible poem. Thank you, both.

  5. mish Says:

    A beautiful collaboration … and I have to confess that I haven’t read the book but am now eager to do so … :)

  6. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wonderful poem, you’ve brought out the feelings well. I haven’t watched the movie, but read the book. One of the very good books that I’ve come across. Well done both of you!

  7. dragonkatet Says:

    What a FANTASTIC collaborative effort from both of you! I have not read the book, nor seen the movie, though now I will surely have to! You’ve definitely piqued my interest and this is a really good poem, you guys. I think you should do it more often! :)

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