Zachery Richardson

” … you can’t live your life consumed by hatred and anger, or be motivated solely by the desire for some form of revenge, because doing so will burn you out completely.” ~ Z.Richardson

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Part of September virtual tour that Rebecca Camarena and Pump up your book do to present new books is Zachery Richardson. After reading few lines about him and his book I decided that I like his story – the story behind the book and the author. Welcome my guest  Zachery, author of Chronicles of the Apocalypse; Revenge, Everything is Nothing.

About Zachery Richardson

Zachery Richardson, casually Zach, was born in Seattle WA on August 8th, 1989, and was raised in Lake Oswego, OR. It is perhaps the greatest irony of all that his chosen career is that of an author when as a child, his second least favorite subject in school was writing. Math was number one, and their relationship remains strained to this day.

However, the switch was flipped in middle school when his teacher assigned a creative writing project. Having finally been given a productive outlet for his wildly active imagination, Zach dove headfirst into the world of author-dom and never looked back. By his freshman year of high school, he’d completed his first “book”; a 300 page fanfiction set in the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. Afterwards, he turned his attention to a series of wholly original works that would become Chronicles of the Apocalypse in the subsequent year.

While Chronicles of the Apocalypse (or COTA as he likes to call it) remains his central focus, Zach has also begun work on several other projects in the Young Adult and High Fantasy genres.

He currently lives in Wilsonville, OR.  You can visit Zach’s website at

About Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Revenge, Everything is Nothing.

Book Information

Title of Book: Chronicles of the Apocalypse: Revenge, Everything is Nothing.

ISBN:  978-0-578-02176-8

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Self-Published

Publication Date: April 20th, 2009

# of Pages: 291

Link to book on Amazon (or where it is sold):


Book Synopsis

Former assassin Jin Sakai sets out on a vicious battle for revenge and redemption against the clan of assassins who murdered his family.

When you sacrifice the lives of your wife and children to prevent the world’s most powerful clan of assassins from unleashing the Apocalypse, what does that make you? And what do you do when you learn that it was all in vain? For Jin Sakai, that sacrifice turned him into a mere shell of a man, filled only with guilt and hatred. When he learns that it was a sacrifice made in vain, he instantly sets out on a violent one-man war to tear the assassins’ clan down around their ears. After all, who better to destroy them than the man who brought them together?

Things soon turn down a darker path as Jin uncovers the disturbing truth behind his family’s sacrifice; a truth he was never meant to learn. Undone by the revelation, Jin is consumed by doubt and confusion and very nearly loses his life. It is only later when he meets Leah Lawson, a woman with a past almost as dark as his own, that his doubt and confusion vanish and he begins to see a path that will not only lead him to his revenge, but to his redemption.

Unfortunately, there is far more going on behind the scenes than Jin realizes. Forces are at play that have been manipulating the course of his life ever since he was born. By setting out on his quest for vengeance, Jin unknowingly cements his destiny as one of the key warriors in the apocalyptic war that’s brewing just beneath the surface.

Here is a short interview with Z.Richardson, who was very kind to spend some time to answer my questions.

What inspired you to write the book?

When I saw the movie “Secret Window” with Johnny Depp, the twist ending inspired me to write a story entirely from the perspective of the villain. Well, after staring at a blank page for about twenty minutes, I realized that I didn’t yet have the ability as an author to write that story. But I already had an opening scene in mind, so I knew I was on to something. So rather than beat my head fruitlessly against the wall trying to force the villain angle, I instead made my main character a genuinely good person who had nonetheless done horrible things. Thus, my main character turned into an assassin, and Jin Sakai was born.

Chronicles of the Apocalypse itself took shape when I realized the three stories I was working on at the time, Revenge, Everything is Nothing, The Blue Flames of Destiny, and The Monster Within, they all shared a common theme. Demons. REIN dealt with Jin trying to stop his nemesis from opening a portal to Hell, BFoD was about a boy with Pyrokinesis who gets caught up in a full blown war between Demons and Humanity, and The Monster Within told the tale of another boy who was born half human and half demon, and his struggle to control his demonic nature. Now, I had hit painfully bad writer’s block on all three of these stories, but when I realized they had this common thread, I realized I could weave them all together into this massive series, and so I did just that.

How did you come up with the title?

The first title I came up with was The Apocalypse Chronicles, but to me, that title just didn’t grab me. It lacked the kind of epic feel the series had. But I knew “Apocalypse” had to be in the title. That’s what the whole series was about! And I love the word “Chronicles”, so I knew that had to stay as well. “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” was the very next thing that popped into my head.

Revenge, Everything is Nothing was a title I came up with to highlight Jin’s motivation for the story, and to emphasize that to Jin, everything in the world means nothing at all. It’s also meant to hint that everything he knows and sees may not be as simple as he thinks.

Is there a specific message you want the readers to grasp?

I had a lot of anger issues growing up, and that’s influenced a good deal of my writing. The central theme or message of COTA:REIN is that you can’t live your life consumed by hatred and anger, or be motivated solely by the desire for some form of revenge, because doing so will burn you out completely. This is a lesson that Jin ultimately learns in a very hard way.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change something in the whole process of writing the book?

Well my first response was nothing. This whole journey has been an incredible learning experience. But when I actually made myself think about it, I realized that if I could do everything I’m doing now two years ago, I would save my past self an enormous amount of time and headaches!

Any advice for people who haven’t been published yet, but are involved with writing!

Don’t give up under any circumstances! There is a lot of rejection to be found in the publishing world, that’s just a fact of the industry. But, always remember, even Harry Potter’s author J.K. Rowling got rejected.

* * * * *

Thank you Rebecca for introducing me to Zachery’s work! Zachery, thank you for your time, good luck with your book! 

Visit Zachery’s tour page HERE!

Zachery’s website

To end this post, enjoy a video with a group book trailer for the September authors at Pump Up Your Book.

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  1. Androgoth Says:

    Yes a very detailed and interesting posting my friend,
    I hope that you are enjoying a very nice evening and that
    your week is going very well… Happy wednesday now
    Broken Sparkles :)

    Androgoth Xx

  2. Jamie Dedes Says:

    A perfectly delightful and rather lively interview. Thank you Blaga and Zach. The book sounds interesting … and a wise thing to go with the flow when you realized you had a scene in mind. Thanks for sharing that. A valuable lesson in that.

    Good luck with the book, Zach.


  3. mish Says:

    I’ve never read the urban fantasy genre – but this seems like an interesting story ! Great interview Blaga ! Congrats to Zach and I love the message in your writing – you definitely cannot live your life consumed by hatred/anger … you’ll wake up one day and discover that life has passed you by !

  4. Morning Says:

    lovely book review and interview.
    Happy Day…

  5. Jan Freeman Says:

    Interesting post and a lively interview :-)

  6. sonsothunder Says:

    I granted you the “Versatile Blogger Award”

    Have Fun

  7. Cherlyn Says:

    Wow that sounds like a really interesting book – definitely something I’d like to read! I think when I get some extra cash I may order it :). Thank you for sharing this with us! This definitely has made me want to start writing my book again.

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