The last day dreaming about love …

Remember the moments
with your heart drifting,
mornings in fairyland,
nights in fool’s paradise,
craving for one of his smiles,
capturing a sight of empty eyes.

Look back and recall the hours
with burning the skin desires,
ridiculous romance,
absurd daydreaming,
begging for the touch of his hands,
tasting a scent of impossibility.

Reminisce and acknowledge
the lonely sunsets colored in hope,
the wasted ink on unanswered sweet words.
Bring back every thought
you wished on a shooting star,
when not a single angel could hear.

Remember one last time,
honor your broken sparkles,
because with the first ray of silver light,
this blind faith in love, in “happilly ever after”,
comes to an end, turns into an antiquity,
scribbles from a trivial history book.


"Broken heart" - unknown source

© 2011  Broken Sparkles


22 Responses to “Requiem”

  1. Kellie Elmore Says:

    Beautifully abstract. Nice one. Usually I’m not into abstract poetry but this,i could feel and that’s all that matters to me…feeling thr words.great piece.

  2. Seabell Says:

    It should be about the first day: Adam and Eve… :) Hopefully, the last day dreaming is the last day we live. To cynical or disappointed people, the only interesting aspect about love is dreaming that the “happily ever after” is remotely possible. The end of love should not be the end of dreaming about love… But I think you just used the resource of describing positive with the negative. The effect is such a beautiful despair!

  3. abichica Says:

    i believe we all dream of love everyday.. your poem is so eloquently written.. :-D

  4. 4valentines4words4poetry4you Says:

    this is pure poetry and so lovely to read i thoroughly enjoyed this poem.

  5. charlesmashburn Says:

    Some wonderful lines in this, and I love how you used “broken sparkles”. If you’ve done that before, I missed it. Very nice poem!

    Here is my offering for this first Gooseberry Garden picnic:

  6. Jamie Dedes Says:

    A graceful poem and love the point about honoring though it will all end. Still a true experience. “not a single angle could hear” … so poignant, like life and love.

    What a striking photograph you found to illustrte this poem. Lovely!

    Virtual hugs from the U.S.A. … :-)

  7. mish Says:

    I love the reflective and melancholy tone in your poem .
    Ah , thoughts of love … makes me think of Alexander Pope’s words : “hope springs eternal in the human breast” (although he was referring to something else …)
    And you chose the perfect picture to reinforce your message !

  8. the Cello Strings Says:

    magical, well done.
    Thanks for sharing.


  9. liv2write2day Says:

    This one gave me a feeling of nostalgia and a sense of why your blog is named “Broken Sparkles.” There is a lot of longing and unfulfillment in this, Blaga. A broken heart inspires great poetry.

  10. eclipseofthemoon Says:

    …with the first ray of silver light….reality vs fantasy – so known emotion. The right mood captured so perfectly….Brilliant.

  11. Chimnese Says:

    full of passion and zest…

  12. mairmusic Says:

    … scent of impossibility… don’t we all chase it! a fitting title for your words.

  13. Morning Says:

    your words are packed with passion and wit,

    superb writing.
    Happy Poetry Picnic!

  14. becca givens Says:

    mornings in fairyland,
    nights in fool’s paradise,

    Ahhh, once or twice , I considered it well worth it!! :-)
    Beautifully written … and I like incorporation of honor your broken sparkles!!

  15. deadpoet88 Says:

    So beautiful, so sad, but so true. The longing has been brought out so well, and the sadness in “happily ever after” just being part of a history book resonates such truth. excellent work Bee!

  16. Bodhirose Says:

    There’s a lot of disappointment and melancholy in this, Blaga. Just the way a heart feels when it has been broken and left to become history.

  17. Broken Sparkles Says:

    Thank you everyone for the comments! It’s always a pleasure to see each of you here!

  18. fiveloaf Says:

    and who else can write better than my lover i met (ehem) at the beach.. :) hey, i cant gain access to promising poets, jingleyanqiu. potluck nor thursday poets rally. care to update me in my blog or msg me in fb blag? not that i am nosey but certainl gooseberry isnt the right forum….

  19. Abby Kelly Says:

    I love this poem. I’m in the middle of a hurting-love and as we’re healing, it helps to remember the sparkles we first saw.

  20. dragonkatet Says:

    Oh! :( This is so sad. No, please don’t ever lose your sparkles! The faith in “happily ever after” is not misplaced, but maybe that faith just wasn’t bestowed upon the right person (Happily Ever After can exist with the right person. I’m sure of it!) The picture goes perfectly with your poem and I think you captured exactly the feelings of a broken heart.

  21. Cherlyn Says:

    So sad, almost bitter – but I know exactly where these words come from – that crack within our hearts. I can think of many times I wished I took back my hopes and dreams about “true love”. Thank you for sharing Blaga – I still hope someone as wonderful as you finds love though :)

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