Alone with the sand


Alone with the sand

there’s a fidgeting
in the sea tonight,
morbid lullabies,
knitting the shadows
of the waves and
the entombment
of the twilight.

coral reefs against humidity,
ships dancing
on the edge of salt
and the moon running scared
in terror,
that she will not find love,
she will not see
the chosen face,
but keep looking at
the ridiculously bluish sea,
keep searching
the Delphic ocean
for pearls and illusions,
for more than
a glimpse of imagination.

there’s a trap, a Siren’s fate,
blindly accepted after
the tide of a heartbreak.
there’s a time casting anchor,
to vanish, to mourn,
to swallow the soreness,
detached from the stars,
alone with the sand.


Inspired by Cancao do mar- Dulce Pontes


“Stand alone” by Tom Araya on

`© 2011  Broken Sparkles

51 Responses to “Alone with the sand”

  1. eclipseofthemoon Says:

    I’m absolutely in luv with your poems Blaga…gorgeous words, emotionally charged imagery…a great description of a heaviness within the solitude
    I’m also honored by your nomination, thank you from the bottom of my heart
    much love/Eclipse

  2. siubhan Says:

    eye-catching imagery here; i never would have thought to associate words like “morbid” and “entombment” with a sea-poem. and i love</em) the personification of the moon, scared of never finding love– that second verse is amazing.

  3. Ina Says:

    As always a beautiful poem from you… Love it!

  4. Baishali Says:

    very beautiful :)

  5. liv2write2day Says:

    Blaga, this is easily one of your best, if not THE BEST. I just commented (on another blog) that the full moon must have her hand in our creative energy this week. Wonderful poetry.

  6. Alcina Says:

    Picture perfect imagery…
    Shining work :)


  7. Paul Says:

    Loved the last stanza, good writing!

  8. thingy Says:

    Yes, truly a beautiful write.

  9. Andy Says:

    Expressed beautifully, Blaga.
    Your image is striking.

    Congratulations on a well-deserved award!

  10. Catie Eliza Says:

    “there’s a time casting anchor,
    to vanish, to mourn,
    to swallow the soreness,
    detached from the stars,”

    This is my favourite bit, the resonating truth is disturbing, but it’s the kind of poetry which helps the mourner avoid total numbness, because it’s telling it like it is, and that identifying kind of poetry is really enabling. :] xx

  11. K. McGee Says:

    Congrats on your week 45 award! Of course there is never any doubt that all of your poems are and will be wonderful. The images you design with your words take the reader on such a surreal journey.

  12. Jingle Says:

    there’s a fidgeting
    in the sea tonight,
    morbid lullabies,
    knitting the shadows
    of the waves and
    the entombment
    of the twilight.

    this is real poetry from a true poet, smiles. love your lines. cheers.

  13. Henry Clemmons Says:

    Wow, I think this is my first pleasure of your words. Such a talent. I’ve felt like your moon. Excellent words, line development, passion, SKILL!!! Love it.

  14. Reflections Says:

    Love this piece… some beautiful combinations here.

  15. ladynimue Says:

    I could feel myself standing there on the shore , feet in sand as water pulled me towards itself .. and I so wanted to walk into its arms … Sigh ! You create so much desires wih words ! Stunning !

  16. saya Says:

    Hearty Congrats on your week 45 award.. This is very beautifully written..Love your way of writing :)

  17. seabell Says:

    A great poem for a great musical theme… You know I can truly appreciate this kind of writing intensity!

  18. jennirey Says:

    Congrats to you and what a lovely tribute and offering to the Artists that you chose. I have seen the painting before.. but hearing that haunting music.. is amazing what a beautiful start to the day.

  19. Fred Says:

    Really wonderful flow here. Really like how you shaped the piece and how it moves in a syncopated manner, moving from fidget to I’ll say nervousness to terror to denial to false acceptance, to vanishing/detachment. Great read. thanks:)

  20. thoughtsnotlost Says:

    What can I say….magnificent!

  21. mindlovemisery Says:

    Really stunning you have amazing talent

  22. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Oh, my heart. I love the Delphic ocean. Blaga! Tears.

    Perfection. So many fine points and poignant ones too.

    Thank you. It’s a treasured little gift to readers.

  23. Chimnese Says:

    i dont think you could ever dissapoint me in your words….becos you always live up to the last poem..amazing.

  24. Andy McDonald Says:

    A beautiful image here painted with words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  25. Kim Nelson Says:

    The siren’s fate… I sometimes wonder if that is wondrous or horrid…

  26. Rajlakshmi Says:

    I totally loved your poem Blaga… amazing imagery and beautiful expressions… lovely.

  27. Miriam Sagan Says:

    I like how it starts, with that personification of “fidgeting.”

  28. bendedspoon Says:

    so wow! great imagery in here and I have to replay “the moon running scared in terror…” I bow down to your talent :)

  29. Someone is Special Says:

    blaga, very beautiful… here is my cute tune on nature

    Someone is Special

  30. Olivia Says:

    My Twilight, this is another amazing piece.. What an intense image sketched with your words!

    Weekend hugs xox

  31. tasithoughts Says:


    You are one of the most masterful poets I know. ” swallow the soreness” I mean wow!

    I am not worthy.


  32. kshawnedgar Says:

    You are lovely and amazing. Keep writing, please. :D

  33. D Says:

    “there’s a time casting anchor,
    to vanish, to mourn,
    to swallow the soreness,
    detached from the stars,”

    While I was reading these lines, I felt a strong connection with your words. It felt so apt, right in this moment in my personal challenges. Thanks for sharing. :)

  34. Becca Givens Says:

    “there’s a fidgeting
    in the sea tonight,
    morbid lullabies,
    knitting the shadows
    of the waves and
    the entombment
    of the twilight …”

    You reeled me in, Blaga! Superbly done! xoxo

  35. ALIVE aLwaYs Says:

    beautiful poem and very well chosen words for depiction.
    Time is very truly the only common healer for all pains.

  36. Raivenne Says:

    So incredibly gorgeous and emotive Blaga. The imagery is perfect.

  37. dragonkatet Says:

    This was really wonderful, Blaga. You always do such a good job of capturing those abstract feelings and weaving them into a lovely, understandable and somehow mystical read! Love it! Please never stop writing! And grats on the award! :)


    Tenderness and salty drops go hand in hand
    longing echoes willingly follow
    As the waves recede back into the blueness
    I grasp at the slipping sand between my toes.
    —–how you capture the subtleness and inflections of human emotions withinin the web of your words is very inspirational Blaga! Well done friend!

  39. Judy Marie Santiago Says:

    How lovely this poem is. I really admire your writing prowess, dear Blaga! I know you can make a poem book and get famous! :) I believe in you dear! Keep writing and teasing our imaginations through your powerful words. :) I miss you!

  40. Blossom Dreams Says:

    Beautiful words woven into such stunning imagery here. I find your words so well chosen and so powerful.

    Thanks! xx

  41. Helena (Hey! Lena) Says:

    My first visit here Blaga – and I was not disappointed. This is crafted to grainy perfection. I also loved the accompanying picture.

  42. Becky Says:

    This is such an interesting piece, love the way it flows and weaves.
    Really nice.

  43. aynsley7 Says:

    Very beautiful…
    Reminds me of T.S. Elliot, one of my heroes.
    Great job!

  44. Sam Says:

    Your words are always fascinating Blaga…:-)

  45. Leo Says:

    The last verse and the image sort of blended nicely for me :) Your words beautiful as always, Blaga!

  46. muddassir shah Says:

    Hey Blaga,

    That is an awesome poem.
    Totally loved it.

  47. Kavita Says:

    brr… quite a dark and chilling tale there, girl… but masterfully narrated, I must add!!!
    Those words totally drew me in, girl… just like that unending ocean in your poem… whew!!!!

  48. Cherlyn Says:

    I love how all your poems are just so relatable emotionally, you definitely have the power to tug at my heart strings. Wonderful!

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