Door to heaven

Door to heaven

The night that just ended,
I wish it lasted a bit more.
I don’t want to forget,
I don’t want to go back
and be sane again.
Crazy is beautiful!
Mad is perfect!
Insane because of you
is what I need!

The sweet pain afflicting me,
I don’t want it to stop.
The love, I don’t want it
to fade away, not yet.
The cold of the night
I don’t want it gone,
I need an excuse to snuggle
next to you at any time.

The silk scarf you tied my eyes with,
I will wear every day,
I need to carry with me the feeling
of being a woman, of being special.
The thoughts, the memories,
the signs of what has been hours ago,
so dear to me, but no… I can’t wait.

I want again the real you.
I want the dark sky, the empty streets
and the fierce quietness.
I want to hear when the doors to heaven
open again, after your whisper,
after your voice fills my heart
with the words “I love you” …


“Door to heaven- Santorini” by Krissi Bondiotis


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


36 Responses to “Door to heaven”

  1. booguloo Says:

    Isn’t Love Grand??? Great Write!

  2. siggiofmaine Says:

    Wonderful. Wonderful.
    Thank youl

  3. Paula Tohline Calhoun Says:

    Perectly wonderful, and SO expresssive of true feelings. Well done, Blaga!

    XO Paula


    Aaah! so romantic and filled with longing. beats me how you manage to make my heart turn in circles inside my chest everytime, with the soft passion of your words!

  5. deadpoet88 Says:

    Wow so romantic! I know that feeling well, and I can say I really relate to it because I feel very strongly the same as you’ve written. Amazing work Bee!

  6. thingy Says:

    Zowie. Such passion! Love it. : )

  7. Jingle Says:

    very open minded, love the image, reading you is a treat.
    bless your day.

  8. mindlovemisery Says:

    Beautiful image. Nothing more exciting than falling in love

  9. Becca Givens Says:

    Blaga — I LOVE this … full of passion, anticipation, hope, tenderness, love … what more could a woman want? Ahhhh! Well captured! :-)

  10. Cheryl Says:

    Sigh. Love is so intoxicating, isn’t it? Beautiful words and images, my dear Blaga. I love it.

  11. Bodhirose Says:

    Oh, just what the passion and yearning for a lover feels like. Beautiful words portray this so beautifully, Blaga.

  12. Luke Prater Says:

    very pleasing and warming piece! Danke

    Luke @ WordSalad

  13. Artswebshow Says:

    Great poem Blaga.
    The feeling in this poem is strong

  14. eclipseofthemoon Says:

    An amazing poem Blaga, the perfect imagery, simply gorgeous!

  15. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Love is wonderful; especially in your poetic hands. I particularly enjoyed the ebb and flow of image and emotion. “fierce quiteness” – great! And the cose is real. Nice! Another good-morning read from Blaga.

    Poem on …

  16. Blossom Dreams Says:

    Love is amazing!! This is such a beautiful write!

    I love these words “Crazy is beautiful! Mad is perfect! Insane because of you is what I need!” – that’s exactly how love makes you feel!

    Chloe xx

  17. dragonkatet Says:

    Yes, love does make us all a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Ah, if only the madness could last, as you’ve so eloquently said here. But maybe it’s good that it doesn’t last forever – could anyone stand to be so happy for so long? ;)

  18. Cherlyn Says:

    Ah love, I don’t know if I’ve felt it, but it’s a notion I’m opening up to. This is a wonderful poem :) I especially love the image you put with it, just breathtaking!

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