the morning disappears
in the sunny glitter
we drew with lips last summer
long gone, but not faraway
the memory of you breathes
the winds of the meadows
we painted with trembling fingers

i welcome the new day
with the taste of lonely coffee
squeezing blue, water lilies
indicating that I’ve lost you
in the whispers of a desert shore
and i throw in imaginary, icy lake
every fantasy leading to you

i repeat the smiles, again and again
i guard the mirrors of my mind
but my heart, doesn’t want to understand
my heart, doesn’t want to love again
my heart, only agrees to beat for
your heart and it will not let me survive
no, it will not let me survive alone


Inspired by  “My hands” – Leona Lewis

Dedicated …


“Paper heart” by naduss on DeviantArt


© 2011  Broken Sparkles


36 Responses to “Stubborn”

  1. Eric Says:

    At least you can still conjure a smile for a love that’s passed.

    Nice piece, Blaga! :)

  2. booguloo Says:

    Grief is a good thing. It repairs and prepares for our next love.

  3. ladynimue Says:

    wow image !! totally sucked my heart in that ink .,..

    “i throw in imaginary icy lake
    every fantasy leading to you

    loved this the most .. isnt it like huge spiral journey .. every word and every image finding wayback to his memory ..



    Lovely image to go with the poem, and the poem oh! it is so expressive,Mirrors of the mind still persist in showing old reflections!

  5. Caribbean Fool Says:

    Apologies for not swinging through more lately as days are too big for the 24 hours they’re made of. The sadness in the poem was touching for the honesty. The pic below was really the icing on the cake as gravity again proves troublesome for all bodies in motion. Your poetic voice is very clear; even in troubled times your poetry sings. Hope all is as well as can be;


    • Broken Sparkles Says:

      Hey, you! I’m glad to see you stopping by. No need for apologies … I have the same complaint about the duration of the day, but 24 is what we get, not a second more.

      I don’t know how clear is my poetry, but lately it’s been difficult to write, so I appreciate the good feedback, it’s really encouraging!

      Take care and once again, thanks!

      P.S. Loved your “more than 48” post! I even remember the title :) that means I really love it!

  6. Jamie Dedes Says:

    So so sad and have felt this way at time when young. And we do get guarded. I love “I guard the mirrors of my mind.” Well wrought poem, Blaga.

    Hope all is well. Sending you love and hugs …

  7. Kavita Says:

    Right from the title, this GOT me, Blaga! Every word rang true… it was as if someone other than me took a peek inside my mind and read my thoughts aloud…

    I just LOVED this soulful, honest and heartfelt read…
    Many many hugs to you, dear sweet summer gal…

  8. dragonkatet Says:

    Stubborn can be both a blessing and a curse, as I’m sure you know all too well. This was beautifully written, Blaga, from the heart of someone who has been there. I’m glad you repeated the smiles and not the tears, my friend. :) I hope the sadness has faded and that light, love and laughter have taken its place! xox

  9. Tom Baker Says:

    Beautiful poem and great imagery. Stubborn is a great poem. You Blaga should fill a book with your poetry!

  10. Jan Freeman Says:

    Great song. Your moving poem brought a tear.

  11. deadpoet88 Says:

    So beautiful Blaga, it moved me so much. Especially the last stanza, it just struck a chord in me. I know how it feels….well done! You’re so good at writing about such feelings, and I find it so hard to express them.

  12. Blossom Dreams Says:

    A wonderful poem. Love lots of lines but especially these words “the memory of you breathes the winds of the meadows” – stunning!! :D

    Chloe xx

  13. yelena m. Says:

    the last stanza left me just breathless…..soul-stirring write as always, Blaga.

  14. Artswebshow Says:

    Moving on can be very difficult sometimes but we do have to try

  15. Victoria Ceretto-Slotto Says:

    This poem illustrates how loneliness and loss can ignite creativity. Splendid.

  16. southwindtrails Says:

    A lovely poem, I quite enjoyed reading it this morning.

  17. liv2write2day Says:

    Re: your comment on my Wordsmith post. Your poetry is a perfect example of how to use sensory details to express those deep, deep emotions. There are so many examples I could cite. Like:

    i welcome the new day
    with the taste of lonely coffee
    squeezing blue, water lilies
    indicating that I’ve lost you
    in the whispers of a desert shore

    I could use you as an example. Wow. And it goes to show that pain, love–all those things that make us feel and express deeply–can be poetic gifts. Love you, girlfriend.

  18. Cherlyn Says:

    That’s thing about love, either we have that amazing feeling, or we’re left with just memories. But I suppose if given the choice to never ever experience love in my life, or risk the pain that may come with love, I’d choose the latter. A wonderful poem, thank you for sharing!

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